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So today, boys and girls, we ask the question of why do we love Disney SO much?!

Attempting to get to the bottom of why we just cannot get enough of the awesome franchise, this blog is one for those who are only the most serious of fans - so Disney cynics, look away now!

Disney cynics... Look away now!

What is it about Disney we all love so much?

As an avid Disney fan, I can't get enough of all the magic the franchise has to offer, and I've come up with some reasons which may explain why we just love it all so much...

1. Strong morals and belief

With amazingly broad range of films and personalities within the brand, the morals which are reflected throughout Disney undoubtedly make the franchise more relatable and therefore lovable! Mulan is the perfect example of why putting somebody else before yourself is very important, and she continues to do what she believes is right, even when everybody else disagrees with her. She is such a strong and shining example of how powerful having good morals can be.

Mulan demonstrates that strong will and belief will get you through

2. The characters

Disney is about much more than just the magic (although, that definitely helps!), and I for one can't get enough of every single character. It's like Disney is a never ending machine which just creates the most awesome characters. From little animal side kicks, Princesses, Princes and even the wickedly fabulous villains, the characters in all of the Disney films provide the most magical of entertainment!

Ursula is definitely one of my favourite Disney villains

3. There is no age limit

Perhaps one of the best parts about Disney is that there is genuinely no age limitations. The stories are fantastic and the humour is absolutely spot on allowing the franchise to please both children and adults alike. Nobody does that quite like Disney!

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4. The theme parks

Okay, I have been incredibly lucky and I have been able to go to both Disneyland Paris and Disneyland in Florida multiple times, and wow - they are seriously amazing! There is no age limit there either... My whole family went (including the grandparents) a few years ago and it amazed every last one of us. If you're lucky enough to get the chance to go, you HAVE to!

Disney theme parks are the most happiest places on earth

5. Disney is just timeless

Not many things stand the test of time, especially these days, yet Disney have remained current yet original, sticking by all of their values and have managed to successfully adapt through the ages. My kids will definitely be watching all of the Disney classics one day, and so will theirs I bet! And to think it all started with one man and a mouse...

We can all thank the great Walt Disney for it