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5 Life Lessons We Learnt From The Lion King

The Lion King begins a new chapter with live action adaptation

There is little doubt that everyone loves this Disney classic. Released waaay back in 1994, The Lion King has pleased audiences throughout the ages and has earned its rightful place as a firm family favourite. 

Timon doesn't take life too seriously and that is something we can all live by

With The Lion King being such a hit, it is no surprise that Disney are releasing a live action adaptation which is set to be released in July 2019. Following the success of The Jungle Book's live action film, we are seriously excited to see what Disney can pull out of the bag next year. 

Beyoncé, Donald Glover and Seth Rogen star in Disney's The Lion King remake

The Lion King gets a revamp with a new live action adaptation being released next year

So, what can we learn from the classic Disney film?

Whether you're all for the Disney live action remakes, or prefer to stick to the original versions, there is no denying there are valuable lessons to be had from The Lion King. 

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1. Not all family members can be trustworthy

Scar is horrendous, and I for one have cried many tears through the years because of that scene. Although family is extremely important, The Lion King shows us that not every family member may have your best interests at heart - and you should always be aware of that.

Scar is one of the most notoriously wicked Disney bad guys to hit our screens

2. Always choose your battles wisely

So Simba's baby roar definitely wasn't scaring off those hyenas like he had hoped, and he definitely learns the hard way - as many of us do. Always choose your battles carefully because some (most) of them, aren't worth your time or energy!

3. Try to refrain from dwelling on the past

Now, this one is easily said than done for sure. There is no denying that Simba is shattered by the loss of his father and is full of regret and guilt for many years. But through some guidance, Simba is able to stop himself dwelling on the past whilst at the same time always remembering the wise words of his father, and I believe we can all learn something from that.

4. Life can be unfair, but friends will help you bounce back

What would The Lion King be without both Timon and Pumba?! They guide Simba through one of the toughest periods of his life and watch as Simba and Nala ignite their love for each other - years after they had last seen each other. There optimism and light-hearted nature makes the film, and this leads me on to my next point...

Simba, Nala and Timon have a lot of fun together

5. Hakuna Matata is THE best saying EVER

Well it means no worries, for the rest of your days! And what an awesome mantra to live your life by. Yes, things go wrong, yes, things happen and no, life isn't always plain sailing - but what a ride it is and why not have some fun along the way? It's safe to say we all need a dynamic duo like Timon and Pumba in our lives...

What are your thoughts on the live action remake?

As always, I want to hear what you think of the live action adaptation of the Disney classic. Whether you're a supporter of the new era that The Lion King is about to begin, or think that the Disney films are best left in their raw, cartoon style - let us know in the comments below!