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So I went off to the cinema to see the hotly anticipated Ocean's 8 film, and yes, I may be a little bit late to the party writing this review, but I think it'll still be helpful if you can't make your mind up on whether it is worth a watch. 

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I've decided to take you through each element of the film and give my verdict on the film overall - just to give you a heads up, there may be some spoilers here! Please be reminded that this is my own personal opinion of the film, and that you are equally entitled to your own opinion too!

The Ocean's 8 cast plot their heist

My Verdict on the Ocean's 8 Cast

I thought that overall the cast worked well together, and it was evident their relationship was strong both on and off the screen due to their strong performance as an eight-sum. I am massive fan of the majority of the actresses which feature in the film (especially Sarah Paulson as I can't get enough of American Horror Story!), however I was so surprised to have enjoyed Awkwafina's performance so much.

I wasn't that clued up on who she was or what she had worked on before, so there was little expectation on her, yet she definitely stole the show for me out of all the other actresses. Within the lulls of the film, Awkwafina's character, Constance, provided some comedic relief and added something completely different to the incredibly fashionable and undeniably rich line up. Perhaps the lack of expectation allowed her to really show up within the film.

Awkwafina surprises in the Ocean's 8 film

Despite this though, it was safe to say I was underwhelmed with the contributions made by Rihanna. Yes, she is famous and yes, she is a star and I can see what the directors were attempting to do by introducing her into the film, but it just fell slightly flat for me. She doesn't really say much but don't get me wrong her part is interesting in the heist plot, and although I understand she is supposed to be a laid back hacker, I just felt like there was something missing from her performance and character overall. This left me wondering that perhaps the big name was a ploy to attract a younger audience to the film?

What I Thought of the Plot in Ocean's 8

So, you've seen the trailer right? Well, you have more or less seen the whole film... As with many trailers these days, I think you could save yourself some serious £££ and stay at home binging trailers. I was a little disappointed by the plot of the film, yes, the stages where we see the heist being planned is interesting, however the heist itself left a lot to be desired. Surrounded around a seriously expensive Cartier necklace, the film sees Debbie Ocean and Lou plan and carry out what they call "the heist of the century". With a little help from a hacker, a diamond expert, a robbing hoarder, a downtrodden fashion designer, a celebrity and a street performing con-woman, the clan hit the annual Met Gala and set out to steal the necklace - each having their own part to play.

The Cartier necklace wows Helen Bowen Carter

To be honest, the heist itself goes far too well for my liking. Considering Debbie Ocean was released from jail a couple of months before the heist, I wish there would have been more drama when the heist itself was taking place. It could be argued that it's smooth running was down to the intricate planning, but even some stages of that were missed from the plot too, and it left me feeling like "meh" you know?

To me, the best part of the film was right at the beginning where we saw Debbie Ocean being released from jail. After leaving prison in the clothes she arrived in, Ocean cons her way to a stay at a luxury hotel and enjoys a bubble bath with the most expensive of toiletries which she also stole - so extra!

Ocean's 8: My Conclusion

If you're looking for a film with plot twists and turns and are looking for something to really excite you - I think this film with fall short. Although the concept is promising, a girl gang out to pull off a ridiculous heist (who are dressed in the most awesome clothes throughout), I just think there could have been more thrilling elements to make it something truly special. One good thing was that you wouldn't have had to watch all the Ocean's films before watching this one - there is just the odd reference here and there to Debbie's brother, Danny Ocean. 

Debbie Ocean has a drink by her brother's memorial after the successful heist

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a slamming match and I did enjoy the film overall, but it didn't wow me like I hoped it would. With such a star studded cast, I just wished the film would make the most of the characters and create a plot which wasn't so plain sailing. This modern take on a classic chick-flick will make perfectly good light hearted watching, but may fall short if you expect more like I did.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Have you taken a trip down to your local cinema to see Ocean's 8? If so, I want to hear from you! Whether you agree with me, or have a completely opposing opinion, I would love to hear what you thought of the new Ocean's 8 film. Simply have your say in the comments below!

Have your say and let me know what you thought of Ocean's 8