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Going Solo this Weekend?

So today is the day we've all be waiting for as Solo: A Star Wars Story leaps onto our screens!

And whether you have booked and paid for your cinema ticket or are still unsure whether it'll be worth the venture out, we have all of the latest news and critic reviews that are sure to get your Star Wars taste buds tingling. 

With a star studded cast including Donald Glover who we know from Atlanta, Spider-Man Homecoming and Community (AKA Childish Gambino), Emilia Clarke from GoT, Thandie Newton and Alden Ehrenreich, this addition to the Star Wars franchise with its origins theme is set up to become a classic hit.

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Directed by Ron Howard, this film runs for around 143 minutes.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

With it's ridiculously retro vibe and graphics, we are so excited that this film has finally reached our screens. 

What the Star Wars Critics have to say

Here is what the critics have to say about the latest addition...

Kate Taylor describes the film as "the simplest and most satisfying Disney Star Wars yet".

Although Alan Scherstuhl claims that some details are lacking in the film stating "the cockpit shots and the effects shots seem only vaguely related to one another. What exactly the Falcon is flying into — space gasses and shards of planet — is unclear". 

MaryAnn Johanson went further to state that we will learn nothing new from the origins film, "it involves a lot of enormous coincidence and everybody knowing everybody else, even in this big wide galaxy. Why, it’s almost as if the Force were strong with Han".

Han Solo

Despite this though, many critics believed that the film was a success although it might not be classed as "the best" Star Wars film.

Britton Peele stating "just like Han Solo himself, Solo is rough around the edges. Under the grime, though, is a fun romp through space that's more lighthearted than you might expect from Star Wars". 

Another critic urged fans to "think of the film as an isolated action movie and it becomes a lot of fun". 

Donald Glover stars as Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Takeaway

Whether you're a die hard fan or just beginning your journey into the colossal Star Wars franchise, it seems as though this film will deliver. Although it may not be heavy on the detail, which can be so important to most Star Wars fans, the strong  performance of Donald Glover appears to save the day as many have commented he looked at "ease" with the role, and they could tell he had a lot of fun in the process. 

Taking on a Star Wars film would be no mean feat for any director, and considering this is an origins film, perhaps Howard pulled some light-hearted fun out of the bag, from a production which had been reportedly subjected to turmoil during the production

We will let you be the judge though - let us know if you're heading over to the cinema after work to watch the latest addition...

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