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Celebrate the Release of Joker With Our Awesome Giveaway!

Adam We 
Self-Proclaimed Potterhead, Game of Thrones Fan & All Round Charming Irish Chap 

This Friday, the 4th of October sees the release of Joaquin Phoenix as Joker, a film that has a huge amount of anticipation and a lot of talk about Oscar nominations already. The film had a lot of positive talk coming out of the Venice Film Festival where Gotham’s evil-doer took home the Golden Lion Award.

Following the event, however, negative remarks about the movie being ‘dangerous’ have started making the rounds, with some suggesting that it could cause violence in the real world and cinemas in the USA banning masks and costumes at Joker screenings. Phoenix compared the violence in Marvel’s giddy demolition of half of New York in The Avengers saying "The violence in this is immediate and on-screen, and a little more visceral and raw."

Just a Regular Everyday Normal Clown

The movie follows Joker, or Arthur Fleck, as he transitions from an everyday clown in a 1980s Gotham facing a huge emergency over trash situation to iconic Joker that we recognise from DC. Although Joker is not seen necessarily by the audience as a hero, certain people in Gotham may not share our point of view.

Keep in mind, Joker is a very different R-rated comic-book film, and the subject matter is portrayed in such a realistic way, it’s easy for a moviegoer to forget it’s a Batman movie while watching it. 

Joker is a journey inside a madman’s distorted mind and his skewed view of the world around him. The film is set against the Ronald Reagan 1980s era when social services were shut down, sending those suffering mental challenges onto the streets.

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In celebration of the release of this highly anticipated film we're giving away an amazing prize this week full of Joker merch worth over £60! We've got a stylish Joker HaHaHa Cap, a Comic Book Wash Bag, DC Comics Travel Card Holder and fantastic Joker Memory Stick all up for grabs!

Sounds Great, But How Do I Win?

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Before you leave us, make sure to check out the trailer below if you'd like a little preview into what Joker has to offer! We're certainly looking forward to seeing the full thing as soon as possible!


  • Luigi has to be my favourite character, it was after the mario kart where when he overtakes someone he gives them a dirty look! 😂😂😂

  • My son is obsessed with Mario and whenever we play with his Mario toys, I have to be ‘Big Bad Bowser’ so Bowser is my favourite character!

  • My 4 year old son is a huge mario fan …. he loves all the charters but I’d say mario and yoshi are his favourite 👍🏻 He has many Of the plush teddies And a collectors shelf with many different mario figures and has mastered mario kart from a young age ☺️

    Charlene fawcett
  • Jack Nicholson portrayed the joker with a sense of STYLE AND CHARACTER. hence the fact I can see elements of his acting in joaquin phoenix’s “JOKER”. ENOUGH SAID.

    Robert thoroe
  • My favourite is mushroom he’s so underated he needs more in every game x

  • My favourite is yoshi because he’s really cute and adorable and so is his voice. I can mimic his voice too

    Vicki d
  • My favourite character is yoshi he is very cute and has a very sweet voice.

    Sally griffiths
  • My favourite charector would be yoshi, not only is he loyal and spends alot of time waiting for Mario but he has amazing skills like eating everything in sight and never getting bigger!

  • Mario is my absolute favourite!!! I grew up watching my brother play Mario games on the Wii and now I love all things mario!!

    Harry J
  • My sons favourite has to be Luigi – he’s a massive fan and romping through the new Luigi Mansion 3 on his switch #teamluigi #greenmachine

    Amy Holt
  • My fa Mario character is MARIO 😁

    Katie pinnock
  • Yoshi 100% always thought he was awesome and still think so now!

  • Yoshi will always be my favourite green dinosaur, that Mario tends to leave behind 😂 and you get them in various colours!

  • I love them all especially Yoshi.

    Anita Missen
  • Yoshi, because I’m always so excited for his appearance in a game!

    Zoe Magee
  • All are great and unique in their own way, but I gotta say it’s Heath Ledger for me. I can rewatch the Dark Knight over and over & never get tired of his performance. It will be timeless!

    Jim Hayes
  • Hello all!

    We hope you had a lovely weekend!

    It’s that time again where we announce the winner of our weekly prize give-away. First of all we’d just like to say thanks to everyone that entered and for all your comments.

    There can only be one winner…So this week’s Retro Styler and winner of our Joker competition is…………..Robb Willmott……… (comment from Saturday at 6:06 pm)

    Congratulations Robb! We’ll be emailing you soon with details on how to claim. Be sure to tag us on social media and share the love, with pics of your prizes!

    As always, we’d like to say a big thanks to all for being part of our weekly give-away. We love reading your comments so be sure to stay Subscribed to the blog and keep joining in for a chance to win.


    Retro Styler
  • Definitely Heath Ledger when he played The Joker !! Without a shadow of a doubt he is and was the best Joker.

    He was so creepy and really portrayed the characters personality so well and embodied the energy of The Joker perfectly!!

  • Heath Ledger for me… Creeped me out and made me laugh!!

  • Ceaser romero, his laugh his actions they where great, can’t be match ngl an icon I shall say.

  • For me the best joker of all time is Heath Ledger. He was the most thaught out Joker. He was and will always be incredible and Iconic. Every time I watch Heath Ledger’s portrayal its a true sight to be hold. We are so lucky to have had an actor like him play such a complex and dark and character. LEGENDARY!

  • Heath ledger is my fav joker because he introduced me to batman. He was such an emotional actor and he really put everything into the role. Really amazing prizes, love the hat!

    Luke S
  • Jack Nicholson. If it wasn’t for that movie I wouldn’t have immersed myself in the comics. And mARK HAmil!!

  • Heath Ledger will forever and always be my favourite joker! While watching the movie it doesn’t feel likes he is acting as the joker, but watching him felt like you was watching the real joker. He didn’t simply portray the character he became it, and it truly was incredible. His passing was a huge tragedy, and the world will always remember his remarkable talent.

    Paris Foster
  • My favourite Joker was Health Ledger and Mark Hamill in all the games and the killing Joke.

  • My favourite joker was Jack Nicholson he was a great joker and hilarious aswell ‘never rub another man’s rhubarb’ also a honourable mention to heath ledger his version of joker was also amazing x

  • Heath Ledger,without a shadow of a doubt!He is amazing! :) x

    Sara Bellisio
  • I also just had another interesting thought after thinking about your article… And it reaffirns my choice of Joaquin being my favourite Joker. The visceral and raw violence shown in this film, it got me thinking about how empathic the new Joker is. Without giving away spoilers, Joaquin does show signs of empathy to one of his ex workers… Whilst at other times none at all. I’m thinking about this idea of empathy because someone asked me whether the new Joker is a psychopath or sociopath. And that’s really tricky, my first thought was a psychopath because of his egotistical traits but then he is capable of showing some empathy. So perhaps sociopath is better fitting. Perhaps both… Or perhaps we shouldn’t box this new Joker into a label 🤡🤯

    Jenn Starnes
  • Heath Ledger is the best joker actor. The sinister and crazy sides to the joker where amazing by him. He brought the joker alive.

    Emily ince
  • Jack Nicholson from Tom buttons batman, as he was the first joker to take on an actual devilish criminal and brought the role into a different realm.

    Gina hunt
  • Me and my girlfriend hands down love Heath Ledger. Although Joaquin Phoenix did a great job in Joker. Loved it!

    Lauren Ball
  • Me and my fiance love Mark hamill my fiance even had his laugh set as his notification tone mark hamill was the reason I fell in love with joker in the first place any other joker just does seem right in my eyes

  • Jack Nicholson is my favourite Joker! Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

  • Heath Ledger.
    He put EVERYTHING into that role, he was phenomenal. Did you know that in interviews after the film had been /released/ (not filmed but RELEASED), he was still doing the lip lick that he created for the role of Joker. The dedication was insane and you would have to be insane to not appreciate it.

  • Heath ledger 100%

    chris fletcher
  • Its so hard to chose one, i love the joker for what he is and what he represents although if i really had to chose id have to say heath ledger, i know a lot of people say that but i felt such a deep connection to heath and the joker that he portrayed, it was insightful for me and if it wasnt for heaths joker i wouldnt be the me i am today, i honestly dont expect to win all that amazing merch because i never win anything but its nice to have my say

    Leon Warner
  • Heath Ledger hands down

  • Such a tough question, as they all have unique reasons why they are good. Every version is good and I have fluttered between who is better. But in all honesty it would have to be Heath Ledger. His performance gave me chills of excitement when I first saw it and it still blows me away every time I watch TDK. Every time he 1st appears before the magic trick it makes me grin ear to ear. No matter how many times I watch it and that is a LOT it still makes me feel enthralled. 🤡

    Robb Willmott
  • I can proudly say, as of YESTERDAY, Joaquin Phoenix is my favourite Joker. I was utterly blown away by his performance in Joker (2019), the emotions are so raw and intense! My mind was blown leaving the cinema screening, and I was actually a little sad to come back to the real world.
    Reading the comments, it looks like I’m the first to say Joaquin, and genuinely I’ve suprised myself. I didn’t think I would get that attached to a Joker actor as quickly as I did… I’ve seen all of the Joker representations again and again yet I’ve only seen Joker (2019) once and boom that emotion! When those credits rolled… God!
    I love how psychologically deep the Jokers character is and Joaquin portrayed these layers with such style. The setting of the film is also very relevant right now with the state of parliament, rebellions and mental health services. Just perfect.

    Jenn Starnes
  • Heath ledger was the best joker. The commitment was outstanding and huge boots to fill for future actors

  • Heath Ledger was the ultimate joker, the way he depicted the Joker character really made him come alive, his own spin on this character also made him the most believable Joker in my opinion 😊😊.
    An amazing actor for an amazing role!!

  • Mark hamill will always be the joker to me. Hear his voice when i read the comics, love the arkham games and grew up watching the animated series

    Sam Williamson
  • Jack Nicolson because he was so scary and he is an amazing actor

    Sara Dean
  • Heath Ledger.

    He was so good! He rededifned the role and set the bar so high. I compare all Jokers to him now!

    Leanne White
  • Jared Leto.
    Gives a different side of the joker. Gangster joker. With the tattoos and Teeth.
    Many would say heath ledger or jack Nicholson by t me personally I prefer Jared Leto joker more than anyone else.

    Sarah Elliott
  • Mark hamill. Sinister, creepy but full of character even just as a voice

    Andy Blackshaw
  • Health Ledger will forever be the best joker for me. Complete dedication to the role adding his own interpretation. Very realistic!

    Evie Walker
  • Heath Ledger will forever be the best joker ✌️

  • Has to be heath ledger he was amazing and he just played he part perfectly.

  • It’s a tough 1 but it’s heath ledger for me, it helped that the film was brilliant, a proper adult thriller rather than a cheesey super hero film, he just stole the scenes he was in with such a pressence, the scene where he throws rachel out the window!! Wow, a little fight I like that, then batman says you’ll love me then,

  • Jack Nicholson was my first taste of the joker but Mark Hamill voice as the joker is iconic and makes the games and animation amazing

    Kat Lumsdaine
  • Jack Nicholson was the first live action joker I saw so his version is probably my favourite. However I feel you can’t really compare the joker portrayals as each actor made the character their own, I even think Jared Leto did an ok job despite how suicide squad turned out. I watched batman 89 with my family when I was younger and even now after my mum passing away a couple of years ago my dad and I still sit and watch batman.

    Kenny Drew
  • jack nicholson cause he perfected the way the joker should be and is a legend in the acting business

    martin smith
  • Heath Ledger, hands down.

    His portrayal was the best because, like the film it was the most plausible. He doesn’t come across as the typical “superhero movie villain”, but rather a real psychopath.
    And let’s be honest, we can all agree his acting was phenomenal

    Emma Milsom
  • Heath Ledger’ s Joker from the dark knight trilogy because because from start to finish made dark knight such an amazing film. He is an anarchist and makes him the most crazy

    Craig Cowell
  • Jack Nicholson is my favourite joker, he can play the psychopathic Joker to the extent you believe he is psychotic and get drawn into his world but when he uses the foundation to cover his natural face he plays the part psychotically but not to the point you see his true self, no one else has captured the essence of his nature like Jack Nicholson has

    Emma Watton
  • Mark Hamill is simply iconic

    Rich Sandford
  • Jack Nicholson, I was scared to death when I watched him as a kid :D

  • Has to be Cesar ramero for live action and Mark hamill for animated. Only 2 I’ve felt have brought the character from the pages to the screen.

    Craig Johnstone
  • It’s got to be Heath Ledger. He brought a perfect mix of maniacally humour mixed with cutting smarts that just made for such a formidable on screen foe.

    Vocally there is no one that will come close to Hamill who’s voice hisses evil when playing the part and thus comes across perfectly.

    Matty Matthews
  • Mark Hamill is the best voice actor as he captures the spirit of the Joker but Heath Ledger was the best Joker actor, he literally became the Joker.

  • I love them all but I’m going to go with Mark Hamill because he is the best Joker in my opinion, his Joker’s laugh is unbeatable. He definitely brings The Joker out the most with his voice alone

  • A toss up between Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson.
    Probably Heath Ledger, that man was a bloody legend and really took over the joker character and made it his own. One of the best villains in the Batman Franchise 🖤

    Sue McDonnell
  • Anyone who doesn’t say Heath Ledger is lying, the man the legend and…well…the legend. Always has been and always will be my favourite. I miss him so much :((

    Sophie Kennedy
  • Has to be Jack Nicholson for me, he played joker when I was a kid and it brings back good memories of movie nights

    Adam Langston
  • For me it has to be Jack Nicolson. I remember watching Batman when I was about 7 years old and he terrified me 😂

    Louise Dempsey
  • Mark Hamill will always be ‘my’ Joker. I grew up watching the animated series and still watch it as an adult. He brings comedy to the role whereas alot of the portrayals of The Joker nowadays are a bit too dark and gritty (the clue is in the name guys). Also no one will ever beat Mark Hamill’s epic voice! Can’t wait to see Joaquins take on the role though, heard good things…

    Kelly Hanson
  • Heath Ledger will forever be the best and my favorite Joker

  • Both Heath Ledger and Jared Leto.
    Heath Ledger plays very good crazy side of joker.
    Jared Leto plays good gangster side of joker parted well with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

    Can’t comment on Joaquin Phoenix as joker but seeing film Sunday.

    Debbie Marshall-Osborne
  • Both Heath Ledger and Jared Leto.
    Heath Ledger plays very good crazy side of joker.
    Jared Leto plays good gangster side of joker parted well with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

    Can’t comment on Joaquin Phoenix as joker but seeing film Sunday.

    Debbie Marshall-Osborne
  • Heath Ledger for sure! He absolutely nailed his performance and I think he embodied the Joker’s energy.

    Chrissie lea
  • I am not into this but my husband is and he said his favourite joker actor is cesar romero because he dont think you can beat the original film actors

    donna skelton

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