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Celebrate the Release of Joker With Our Awesome Giveaway!

Adam We 
Self-Proclaimed Potterhead, Game of Thrones Fan & All Round Charming Irish Chap 

This Friday, the 4th of October sees the release of Joaquin Phoenix as Joker, a film that has a huge amount of anticipation and a lot of talk about Oscar nominations already. The film had a lot of positive talk coming out of the Venice Film Festival where Gotham’s evil-doer took home the Golden Lion Award.

Following the event, however, negative remarks about the movie being ‘dangerous’ have started making the rounds, with some suggesting that it could cause violence in the real world and cinemas in the USA banning masks and costumes at Joker screenings. Phoenix compared the violence in Marvel’s giddy demolition of half of New York in The Avengers saying "The violence in this is immediate and on-screen, and a little more visceral and raw."

Just a Regular Everyday Normal Clown

The movie follows Joker, or Arthur Fleck, as he transitions from an everyday clown in a 1980s Gotham facing a huge emergency over trash situation to iconic Joker that we recognise from DC. Although Joker is not seen necessarily by the audience as a hero, certain people in Gotham may not share our point of view.

Keep in mind, Joker is a very different R-rated comic-book film, and the subject matter is portrayed in such a realistic way, it’s easy for a moviegoer to forget it’s a Batman movie while watching it. 

Joker is a journey inside a madman’s distorted mind and his skewed view of the world around him. The film is set against the Ronald Reagan 1980s era when social services were shut down, sending those suffering mental challenges onto the streets.

Win Some Amazing Joker Merch!

In celebration of the release of this highly anticipated film we're giving away an amazing prize this week full of Joker merch worth over £60! We've got a stylish Joker HaHaHa Cap, a Comic Book Wash Bag, DC Comics Travel Card Holder and fantastic Joker Memory Stick all up for grabs!

Sounds Great, But How Do I Win?

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Before you leave us, make sure to check out the trailer below if you'd like a little preview into what Joker has to offer! We're certainly looking forward to seeing the full thing as soon as possible!