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Tin Alloy and Glass Universe Design Fashion Ring.
Tin Alloy and Glass Universe Design Fashion Ring.

Tin Alloy and Glass Universe Design Fashion Ring

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Joe Cool
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Universal Fashion Item

Did you know that there are at least ten billion trillion stars in the universe? That's 10 to the power of 22 or written numerically would be 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. There are thought to be more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand on the all of the world's beaches, a truly daunting and mystifying concept ey? DoNt tell us we doNt teach you anything!

These beautiful Tin Alloy and Glass Universe Design Fashion Rings are truly an exquisite piece. These rings feature astonishing images of spiralling galaxies, celestial bodies and the heavens. Made frim tin alloy and finished with glass, these rings will attract attention wherever you go.

Universe Ring Specifics and Features

  • Ladies Outer Space Inspired Fashion Ring - 1 Supplied
  • 6 cool designs - one chosen at random
  • Fully Adjustable, one size fits most
  • Made from Glass and Tin Alloy
  • Ring face measures approx. 2.5cm in diameter
  • A great universal retro gift for explorers
  • Designed and Manufactured by Joe Cool