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Tin Alloy and Glass Universe Design Drop Earrings.
Tin Alloy and Glass Universe Design Drop Earrings.

Tin Alloy and Glass Universe Design Drop Earrings

Joe Cool
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The Vastness of Space and Fashion Choices!

Did you know that our own sun is so vast that if you took one million Earths and clustered them together, they could fit inside the star comfortably? If you think that is big, have a think about this, the largest known star in the universe VY Canis Majoris is estimated to be 2.600 times the size of our sun, meaning it would take two million six hundred thousand earths to accommodate is size! These Universe Galaxy Inspired Space Drop Earrings are a fabulously interesting and mesmerizingly beautiful addition to your jewellery collection. Featuring six different designs of spiralling galaxies, celestial bodies and the heavens you'll have people far and wide marvelling at their beauty.

Universe Earring Specifics and Features

  • Astronomy inspired drop earrings - Design selected randomly
  • Made from Tin Alloy and Glass
  • Suitable for Pierced Ears
  • Earrings measures approx. 2.5cm (W) x 4.5cm (L)
  • Presented on Joe Cool branded backing card
  • An awesome retro gift for fans of unique fashion items
  • Designed and Manufactured by Joe Cool