The Thing Crawling Hand
The Thing Crawling Hand

The Thing Crawling Hand

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The Thing with Addams Family

Where would the Addams Family be without Thing? Who would be there to fetch the mail, change the channel on the TV or light up Gomez's Cigars?! Thing was a small but important and significant (dis)member of The Addams Family, that was played its role perfectly, despite the obvious disadvantages and The Addams Family were grateful for Thing's help, always being sure to say Thank You Thing when it helped out. We could all do with such a Handy Friend about the house to aid us in our daily chores.

Technology hasnt come so far just yet, nor has any sort black magic (so far as we are aware!), but we have managed to make a Thing that can crawl! The Thing Crawling Hand won't snap his fingers or tap out Morse code, but it will crawl along your floor or worktop whilst looking pretty scary at the same time.

Measuring 19cm from fingertips to its severed wrist, this Creepy Crawling hand will scare the living daylights out of anyone who should touch it or make some noise, as it comes to life and starts to crawl towards them!

Just like something out of a Horror Movie or an Addams Family Episode, The Thing Hand will crawl across a flat surface and scare the devil out of any suspecting onlookers. Just activate The Thing by flicking a switch and whenever someone makes a noise or gives it a nudge it will come to life and begin its creepy crawl. The Thing takes 3 x AA Batteries (included). It is suitable for children aged 5 years + and comes in a cool open gift box.

  • Thoroughly Creepy Crawling Hand
  • Sound activated
  • Measures approx. 19cm from fingertip to severed wrist
  • Takes 3 x AA batteries (included)
  • Suitable for children aged 5 years +
  • Comes in a colourful gift box to make the perfect retro gift