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The Legend of Zelda Elf Link Cosplay Earmuffs
The Legend of Zelda Elf Link Cosplay Earmuffs

The Legend of Zelda Elf Link Cosplay Earmuffs

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Listen Up, Zelda Fans!

In the Retro classic video game series Zelda, the Tri-Force represents courage, power and wisdom and was created by the three goddesses Din, Nayru and Farore. Interesting huh? Also, did you know that Navi, from the Ocarina of Time has been voted the most annoying companion in all of gaming history? Although, it's pretty understandable.

Save those little ears from the cold winter with these Legend of Zelda Elf Link Cosplay Earmuffs. These 100% officially licensed Legend of Zelda Elf Link Cosplay Earmuffs are of course, ideal for cosplay wear at your next convention, are affordable and undeniably cool, awesome!

Zelda Earmuff Specifics and Features

  • Retro Style Legend of Zelda Link Character Earmuffs
  • Furry-lined inner for ultimate comfort!
  • Elf ears design - perfect for your next winter cosplay event
  • Made to a high standard with Polyester and Plastic materials
  • Tri-Force logo branding on the side
  • One size fits most
  • Comes with The Legend of Zelda branded tag
  • An epic retro gift for the hero in your life
  • 100% official Nintendo licensed The Legend of Zelda merchandise