Super Mario Bros. Toad Plush Toy

Super Mario Bros. Toad Plush Toy

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6.5 Inch Super Soft Toad Plush Toy

Now normally Toad would just be a loyal servant to Princess Peach, but he is extending his services to include Retro Styler Fans too! Straight from Mushroom Kingdom this adorable 6.5" / 16.5cm Toad Plush Toy will make the perfect cuddle buddy for you Super Mario Bros. fans. 

Sometimes having a small stature can be a serious advantage. Have you noticed that when playing as Toad in Mario Kart on the Wii (On the Standard bike or Car) that you have a nice balance of acceleration, top speed and agility on the road?! Also when bouncing about as Toad in the new Super Mario Bros. you can easily manoeuvre, jumping around like some sort of Superbaby whilst avoiding bad guys. Youve also gotta admit, Propeller Toad is so much cuter than Propeller Mario or Luigi!

But then there's Plush Toad!! Plush Toad is the all-out winner when it comes to cuteness, like with this adorable 6.5 Inch Super Soft Toad Plush Toy. With his little blue and yellow jacket, and that great big winners smile, this Toad Plushy is ready for anything and we're sure that he'll win the heart of any Super Mario Bros. fan out there.

The Super Mario Bros. Toad Plush Toy measures approximately 6.5 Inches / 16.5cm tall and has beans (plastic pellets) in his rear, to give him a bit of extra weight and balance when sitting down. Designed and manufactured to a high standard by SAN-EI CO LTD., this Toad Plush Toy will make a great collectors item for Super Mario enthusiasts anywhere.

He is made with Super Soft plush materials and is suitable for children as young as 3 years old. Whether you're young or old, looking to add some fun or simple Nintendo retro style to your abode, just remember you can't go wrong with Toad.

  • Super Soft and cute Toad Plush Toy
  • Made with Super soft materials
  • Plastic Pellets in bottom for weight and stability
  • Measures approx. 6.5" / 16.5cm tall
  • Suitable for ages 3 years +
  • Manufactured by SAN-EI CO., LTD
  • 100% official Nintendo merchandise