Super Mario 7.5" Princess Daisy Plush Toy

Super Mario 7.5" Princess Daisy Plush Toy

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The Princess of Sarasland

If you're a fan of Princess Peach, then you can't possibly forget about her best friend Princess Daisy. As a popular character in today's Super Mario games, Princess Daisy is a sought after lady. Get your Princess Daisy Plush Toy today and complete your Super Mario Collection!

don't be fooled by Daisy. Just because she shares the same name as a flower, doesnt mean that she is delicate or a push over by any means! If youve had the pleasure of playing as Princess Daisy from her many appearances in the Super Mario Games, you'll know that she can be just as fiercely competitive as the rest of the characters.

Although Princess Daisy was once ruler of Sarasland, she is actually known for being a bit of a Tomboy; she is energetic, confident, optimistic and highly competitive! If this sounds like the kind of character you want to be around then allow us to introduce The very popular Princess Daisy Plush Toy / Plushie by SAN-EI.

Our Daisy Plush Toy measures approximately 7.5 / 19cm tall and is made from Super Soft plush materials. In her typical attire, Daisy here is wearing here long floor-length yellow gown, with orange accents and she is wearing those soft white gloves. This 7.5 Princess Daisy Plush Toy is 100% official Nintendo merchandise and will make the perfect retro gift for your own little Princesses.

  • Super Mario Plush Series Plush Doll Princess Daisy
  • Yellow and Orange Princess Daisy Gown
  • Measures approx. 7.5 Inches / 19cm tall
  • Made from Super Soft plush materials
  • Manufactured by SAN-EI CO., LTD
  • 100% official Nintendo merchandise