Super Mario 5" Koopa Troopa Plush Toy

Super Mario 5" Koopa Troopa Plush Toy

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Super Mario's Natural Enemy

Koopa Troopas, Koopas, Troopas, Turtles or Nokonoko! Whatever you like to call em you'll know that they can be pretty tricky to get hold of, both in Mario Land and the real world. Not to worry though as we have acquired this Super Soft SAN-EI Plush Koopa Troopa just for you. 

Koopa Troopas (known as Nokonoko in Japanese!) are Mario's common enemy in the very popular Super Mario games. They are little turtle-like creatures with removable shells, which, along with Goomba, trot along and try to get in the way of Mario and his friends. Although typically under the leadership of Bowser, Koopa Troopas have been known in some instances to help Mario How sweet!

If you think that Koopa Troopa is cute in the Super Mario games, wait until you see our 5 Koopa Troopa Plush Toy. At the moment of writing this our little Koopa Troopa Beanie Plush is sat in front of us with a look of wonder in those big eyes of his. He's just so cuuuuute And Super Soft too, which is why we know you'll absolutely love him! Yes, yes, he's typically an enemy of Super Mario, but a loveable enemy nonetheless.

This Green Shelled Koopa Troopa will sit down naturally thanks to his design and the Plastic Pellets (Bean Bag) in the bottom of his shell. He has a Super Soft Plush Feel to him and detailed stitching throughout. This Koopa Troopa has a green shell and feet, with yellow body, head, arms and a little tail. He is manufactured by SAN-EI CO., LTD and is of course 100% official Nintendo merchandise. The next time you play Super Mario on your Nintendo Wii, think twice before bopping this cute little Koopa on the head!

  • Super Mario Koopa Troopa Plush Beanie Toy
  • Green Turtle / Koopa Troopa Design
  • Super Soft quality plush material
  • Manufactured by SAN-EI CO., LTD
  • Measures approx. 5 Inches / 13cm tall
  • 100% official Nintendo merchandise