Star Wars Stormtrooper Embossed Adult Fleece Dressing Gown


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The Star Wars Robe You're Looking For

From Jedis, Sith Lords and Droids to Wookies, Ewoks and Gungans, Star Wars has 'em all. With a plethora of mind-boggling characters and awesome Starships, the Star Wars Universe is ever-expanding and a wonder to behold. Of the many highly recognisable characters from the Star Wars films, there are few as iconic as the Stormtrooper.

The least unique of all Star Wars characters (being clones n' all!), the fictional foot soldiers known as Stormtroopers are loyal to the end, willing to sacrifice themselves at a moments notice in order to deliver that defeating 'Blast' to the "Rebel Scum". At Retro Styler we can't say that we approve of their methods, but we do love those outfits, which is why we decided to clone some of our own, in the form of these super-snug and officially licensed Stormtrooper Fleece Dressing Gowns.

Designed with the ultimate imperial army in mind, these awesome Stormtrooper Robes are pure white, with black detailing and embossed Stormtrooper Helmet styling. The Empire would certainly approve! They are made from a very soft Polyester material and come in one adult size. Now hit 'Add to Cart' and carry on looking for those Droids!

Stormtrooper Robe Specifics and Features

  • Super Soft Stormtrooper Embossed Character Fleece Robe/ Dressing Gown
  • White dressing gown with black detailing and embossed Stormtrooper Helmet design
  • Perfect for everyday use when not blasting rebel scum
  • One size fits most - Up to men's XXL
  • Made from 100% Polyester, with soft Fleecy Feel
  • An epic retro gift for Star Wars fanatics
  • 100% officially licensed Star Wars Merchandise