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From Slinky to Springy

The Fantastic Springy Thingy will provide you with all of the entertainment of that Classic 40's Toy Slinky. Springy measures only 7cm in diameter and loves to walk down the stairs! 

Remember the Slinky? The cool 1940's Toy that would travel down a whole flight of steps using only momentum?! Well now the folks at Tobar have come up with their own reproduction of this classic retro toy, with Springy!

This Fantastic Springy Thingy works just like the classic Slinky, except it's a little smaller and lighter. Just give the Springy a nudge of encouragement and it'll flip end-over-end down your stairs using only gravity - cool!

The Springy Toy is suitable for children aged 3 years + and comes in a small retro style box. The Springy comes in both Silver and Copper tone (random colour sent) and measures approximately 7cm in diameter

  • Slinky Style Springy Toy
  • Measures approx. 7cm in diameter
  • Random Silver or Copper Tone Springy Sent
  • Comes boxed
  • Suitable for ages 3 years +
  • Manufactured by Tobar 
  • Cool traditional retro toy