Set of 8 Rainbow Coloured Iron Bangles


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Rainbows are created by reflection and the refraction of light in water droplets in the atmosphere, resulting in the light spectrum becoming visible in the form of an arc. The rainbow, is fact a full circle of light, but is usually only visible as the arc because people usually view it from the ground. Sir Isaac Newton identified the seven colours of the visible spectrum that make up white light, ROY G BIV anyone?

This set of 8 Rainbow Coloured Iron Bangles are an attractive set that positively holler funky retro appeal. Featuring 8 individual iron bangles with all the corresponding colours of the rainbow, you can keep the order in the same of fashion and science! So what are you waiting for?

  • Ladies Brightly Coloured Slip On Retro Bracelet Set
  • Each measures approx. 7cm diameter
  • Slip on bangles, one size fits most
  • Made from Iron
  • Designed and Manufactured by Joe Cool
  • A colourful and cool retro gift for fans of funky fashion
  • Designed and Manufactured by Joe Cool