Pinky Punky Wacaday Mallett's Mallet.
Pinky Punky Wacaday Mallett's Mallet.

Pinky Punky Wacaday Mallett's Mallet

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"Mr Mallett! Mr Mallett! Can I go to the toilet?"

Fancy a game of Mallett's Mallet? Not a problem as now you can buy Pinky Punky and host your very own Wacady from the comfort of your own home. Just dig out a loud retro shirt and pair of specs, and you're away!

If you remember this awesomely quirky 80's TV show Wacaday then you'll most certainly remember Timmy Mallet's Mallet, Pinky Punky, and his catchphrase "Mr Mallet! Mr Mallet! can I go to the toilet?". Timmy Mallet had a few well known catchphrases of his own like "Utterly Brilliant" and "Blaaah!".

What was great about this 80's TV show was Pinky Punky and Timmy Mallet's whacky personality of course. Here's the rules, as explained by Timmy Mallet himself: "Mallet's Mallet is a word association game where you mustn't pause or hesitate, repeat a word or say a word I don't like, otherwise you get a bash on the head like this ..... or like this ...... . And it's the one with the most bruises who loses. Look at eachother and go Blaaaaaah!"

The retro style Pinky Punky Wacaday Timmy Mallets Mallet weighs only 0.2kg (we don't want any real bruises now do we?!), is made from 100% Foam Material and measures approximately 36cm (H) x 22cm (W) x 9cm (D). Our Pinky Punky Mallets Mallet is an authentic and licensed product, manufactured by Mallet Enterprises and looks just like the Pinky Punky from back in the day.Β 

  • Utterly Brilliant and Authentic Foam Pinky Punky Mallets Mallet
  • Awesome 80's Retro Game for kids and adults
  • Ideal for playing Mallets Mallet
  • Weighs only 0.2kg
  • measures approx.Β 36cm (H) x 22cm (W) x 9cm (D)
  • Manufactured by 'Utterly Brilliant Timmy Stuff'
  • Sponge clean only. Do not immerse in water
  • Adult supervision advised for children under 36 months
  • Officially licensed Wacaday product