Personalised Scrabble Photo Frame

Personalised Scrabble Photo Frame

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Scrabble Photo Frame Fun

In 1938 Scrabble (or Criss-Crosswords as he called it then) was created by an American Architect, going by the name of Alfred Mosher Butts. Alfred only manufactured a few of the games and so it didn't really gain momentum, until over a decade later when another chap named James Bruno purchased the rights to the game and gave it the name we know today - Scrabble. Now you wouldn't think that scrabble is a very serious game, but you just try telling that to the granny who owns an official Scrabble Player's Dictionary. She'll probably clobber you around the head with it!

In recent years however this popular game has been used for much more than just playing with. We're not quite sure who, but at some point a bright spark thought "aha, I can use the scrabble letters for my crafty creations!" and so the scrabble birthday/ anniversary/ wedding/ congratulatory card/ photo display was born.

It's amazing what you can do with a few carefully placed Scrabble letters. With our Scrabble Photo Frame you can play to your heart's content and produce something truly personal to give to a loved one or just yourself. Each officially licensed set comes with a 6 x 4 metal frame and 60 magnetic Scrabble letters for you to arrange however you'd like. Don't worry about left over letters, they won't loose you points and there's always the fridge!

Scrabble Frame Specifics and Features

  • Make Your Own Personalised Scrabble Photo Frame
  • Includes 60 magnetic Scrabble letters
  • Perfect for 6 x 4 Inch Photos
  • Metal photo frame with magnetic letters to create your own personal message
  • Stands in portrait or landscape orientation
  • Presented in a classic Scrabble themed gift box
  • A perfect retro gift for fans of Scrabble!
  • 100% officially licensed Mattel Scrabble merchandise