Newton's Cradle


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Retro Yuppies Gather 'Round!

This 80's retro yuppie favorite is the perfect desktop stress reliever. Named after Sir Isaac Newton the Newton's Cradle (Also known as 'Kinetic Balls' or 'Executive Ball Clicker') demonstrates the scientific principles simply and easily, so there's no need to think, just let the gentle clicking soothe your stress away.

The Newton's Cradle is one of those Retro Desktop Gadgets that we used to see on TV years ago, as kids and be like ooooh, gotta get me one of those. We were absolutely mesmerised by this Shiny metal thingamajig siting at the end of an important executive's desk and thought that maybe one day we would also be so important that we would have one of our very own Newton's Cradle

Technology and Gadgets have moved on considerably since the 1980's however and 5 balls knocking each other about don't quite seem so astonishing compared to the latest iphone. That said, it's still Retro Damn it and it STILL looks pretty sweet at the corner of our desks today. we're also glad about the fact that we were a little confused back then; you don't have to be an important executive to enjoy a Newton's Cradle, nor must you have a PHD in Physics.

To operate this slick little Retro Gadget simply lift one of the shiny metallic balls to the side and let go! The laws of Physics will do the rest and you can just sit back, relax and feel important.

The balls are attached with thin but strong cable and the whole Newton's Cradle measures approximately 13cm tall. If you really want to sound impressive when demonstrating your shiny new Newton's Cradle to your friends and Office Peeps just quote Newton's Third Law of Motion: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to that of the first body.

  • Newton's Cradle Executive Desktop Gadget
  • The ultimate retro office gadget
  • Solid metal frame and balls
  • Designed and manufactured by Zeon Tech
  • Measures approx. 13cm tall
  • Comes in a nicely presented box

Customer Reviews

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Very good product

Seems a very good’s a Christmas present, so hopefully recipient will be pleased.

We hope the lucky recipient loved their Newton's Cradle - who doesn't love an awesome retro gift!? ;) xoxo