Mystic 8 Ball.
Mystic 8 Ball.

Mystic 8 Ball

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Tags : Retro Styler

We present to you the Mystic 8 Ball - An oversized novelty pool ball that might just have the answers to life and the universe ... We did say might, right? It's simple to use, just ask your question, give it a shake and turn it over to reveal your answer through the porthole display. A truly Magic retro gift!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a Magic Ball that could tell us what we needed to hear every now and then, like perhaps the lottery numbers?! To our knowledge such a device doesn't exist as yet, however we do have the very retro Mystic 8 Ball! The Mystic / Magic 8 Ball might not always get it right, but at least you can 'Blame it on the ball' when things don't quite work out to your favour. 

The Magic 8 Ball has been solving the world's puzzling problems since way back in 1946, so it's pretty retro! The device is quite simple really, it comes in the shape of a giant pool ball (8 Ball) with a window at the bottom that's used for viewing the answers. The idea is to think of your question or ask it out loud, then shake the Magic 8 Ball and turn it over to reveal your answer, which floats up to the window. 

This Mystic 8 Ball works in exactly the same way as the traditional Magic 8 Ball, though is slightly smaller in size. It measures approximately 8cm in diameter and is made from tough black plastic.

  • Novelty Mystic 8 Ball Toy
  • Comes with multiple answers to your most puzzling questions
  • Made with tough black plastic
  • Measures approx. 8cm in diameter
  • Just shake and flip over to reveal the answer
  • Will make a great retro toy for the indecisive 
  • Suitable for ages 6 years +
  • Comes in a cool retro style display box (box design may vary)