Mr. Lacy White to Yellow Glow in the Sun Shoe Laces


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You're a Super Star!

These amazing retro laces have a little trick up their sleeve - when shown a bit of sunshine they glow a glorious yellow too! Then just come back inside and they'll return to white. Tadaaaaa!! 

We love you all just for stopping by and visiting our humble retro abode, but lace yourselves up with a set of these incredible Mr. Lacy White to Yellow Glow in the Sun Shoe Laces and you really will be shining like a Super Star

Just charge them up with a bit of sunlight and these retro style laces will turn from white to glowing yellow - just like that! 

Mr. Lacy Glow in the Sun Laces are made the highest standards, using quality fibres. They measure approximately 1cm wide by 130cm long, come with branded lace tips and in branded Mr. Lacy packaging

  • Retro Glow in the Sun Laces
  • Flatties high quality laces
  • Measure 1cm wide x 130cm long
  • Branded 'Mr. Lacy' lace tips
  • Come in a branded package