Men's Harry Potter Photo Montage Character T-Shirt

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For Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Weasley abode The Burrow was completely built only to be burnt down for the later scene in the movie; it took 14 weeks to build by the way. Daniel Radcliffe's least favourite film is The half Blood Prince as he wasn't pleased with his performance - aw don't be so hard on yourself Harry!

Wingardium Leviosa! Show off your love for the Boy Who Lived with this Men's Harry Potter Photo Montage Character T-Shirt. This 100% Officially licensed Harry Potter Photo Montage Tee features a unique design that will appeal to any fan of the franchise, absolutely brilliant!

  • Retro Style Harry Potter Character Tee for Men
  • Dark grey Crew neck t-shirt with Harry Potter themed montage design
  • Loose fitting and lightweight
  • Made to a high standard from 100% Cotton for comfort and fit
  • A magic retro gift for muggle-borns!
  • 100% official Warner Bros. licensed Harry Potter merchandise