Junior Space Hopper

Junior Space Hopper

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60's Toys for Today's Girls and Boys

It wouldn't be fair of us now would it to have a Giant Space Hopper for the big kids without including a Junior size Space Hopper for the smaller kids!? These Junior Space Hoppers are suitable for kids aged 3 6 years old and come in bright pink, red or blue. Just like the original Space Hoppers they are a LOT of fun and will make an awesome retro gift

Remember the 60's and 70's? The awesome (now) retro toys and games? Eeey they don't make em like they used to! you say? Well, actually they do now!! Since the Retro Boom of the last few years, all sorts of classic retro favourites have been making a comeback and the Classic Retro Space Hopper is one of the most popular, not just with kids but with adults too!

Back in the day the humble Space Hopper also went by the name of a Hoppity Hop, a Moon Hopper, a Hop Ball and even a Skippy Ball, but today in the UK we simply go with Space Hopper. Always the favourite with young kids weve decided to get our hands on these crazy and colourful Junior Space Hoppers.

In case you may have forgotten how much fun they are, using the Space Hopper is very simple. Once youve inflated the Junior Space Hopper simply sit on the ball, grabbing hold of the two handles with your hands then bounce! Each Junior Space Hopper inflates to approximately 45cm/ 8 Inches in diameter and they suitable for children aged 3 6 years old. If you want to have some real retro fun, buy a few of these along with some adult space hoppers and plan a route to race through your back garden.

  • Classic Retro Space Hopper for Kids
  • Awesome retro 60's fun for the next generation
  • 3 available colours: Red, Blue and Pink
  • Inflates to approx. 45cm in diameter
  • Suitable for ages 3 6 years
  • Comes boxed