Hello Kitty 6-in-1 Multi-Coloured Pen


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5 Colour Pen and Pencil in One!

Do you remember the first time you ever saw a Bic pen that had more than one colour? We're pretty sure that's the first time we ever saw green pen ink¦ like¦ EVER! The four available colours back then included Red, Green, Blue and Black. This was guaranteed to be your Dad's pen, and you wereNt allowed near it just in-case you broke it! Those neat little Biro pens were invented way back in 1888. Now that's retro!

Now that you are all grown up (in size at least) you can nab yourself one of these super-duper multi-colour pens all for yourself. They've had an upgrade too since back when you were a kid! This time around you can get that retro rainbow feeling with the benefit of 5 awesome colours!

With Blue, Green, Red, Purple and Yellow ink there are lots of colouring options available to you and our Hello Kitty 6-in-1 Pen is topped off with a pencil to boot - Genius. Just to add that extra touch of girly goodness, the Hello Kitty pen comes with a delightful Hello Kitty dangling charm, keeping you company as you work on your latest artistic creation.

Hello Kitty Pen Specifics and Features

  • Hello Kitty 6 in 1 Multi Colour Pen
  • Designer's Guild Hello Kitty designs
  • Contains one pen, with 5 coloured pen inks and a pencil
  • Hello Kitty Pen measures approx. 14cm long
  • Gift ready, presented in a Hello Kitty branded gift pack
  • 100% Officially Licensed Hello Kitty Merchandise