Harry Potter 4 Charm Necklace


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The Best of all Magical Charms

What do the Deathly Hallows, a Time Turner, a Golden Snitch and Platform 9 3/4 all have in common? Don't know? Then you must be the worst sort of Muggle! Just kidding, don't beat yourself up about it, not everyone knows the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as much as we do.

Although The Deathly Hallows are very powerful (and cool!) if we had to nab one magical artefact from Harry (or Hermione in this case) it'd have to be the Time Turner. Come on, how awesome would that be, travelling through time!? Thankfully you don't have to be so choosy, you can have 'em all with this official Harry Potter Charm Necklace.

Our Harry Potter necklace doesn't poses any magical powers but it looks pretty sweet all the same and whether you're seeking to travel through time, rushing to catch the Hogwarts Express, commanding the Elder Wand or grabbing yourself a quick game of Quidditch you'll seriously want to catch one of these awesome necklaces whilst you can.

Harry Potter Necklace Specifics and Features

  • Harry Potter charm necklace with 4 movie related charms
  • Charms include: Time Turner, Golden Snitch, Platform 9 3/4 and Deathly Hallows symbols
  • Necklace suitable for ages 17 years +
  • Base Metal necklace in an antique gold tone with antique gold and silver tone charms
  • Necklace measures approx. 48cm with 6cm extender and closes securely with a lobster clasp
  • Supplied with Harry Potter branded packaging
  • 100% Official Licenced Harry Potter Merchandise