Gruffalo Plush Toys.
Gruffalo Plush Toys.

Gruffalo Plush Toys

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The Gruffalo - Your Bedtime Celebrity Pal

Published in 1999, 'The Gruffalo' has enjoyed a good few years of worldwide popularity. These fantastic Gruffalo Plush Toys by Aurora World are very soft and simply adorable. They are available in two sizes: 16" and 5".Β 

Who better to have by your side at bedtime than the Gruffalo!? With his terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws, nobody is gonna mess with The Gruffalo! Bet you're glad he's on your side!! The next time you read The Gruffalo to your little ones they can cuddle their very own Celebrity with this Gruffalo Plush Toy and let their imaginations get lost in the woods along with that cunning little mouse.

Our Super Soft and Cuddly Gruffalo is available as a 16 or a 5 tall Plush Toy. Each will sit still without falling over, so you don't have to worry about him leaping off the shelf and scaring your kids half to death in the middle of the night! As official Gruffalo merchandise they come complete with tags and are made to the highest standards by Aurora World.

So, if you'd like to hang out with one of the Biggest Children's Books Superstars and own the ultimate bedtime protector then get your Gruffalo today, before he disappears off into the woods!

  • Adorable Sitting Gruffalo Plush Toy
  • Super soft to the touch
  • Made from Polyester fibres
  • Two available sizes: 16" / 41cm tall and 5 / 13cm tall
  • Manufactured by Aurora World
  • Comes complete with tags
  • 100% Official Gruffalo Merchandise