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Glow in the Dark Magic Plastic
Glow in the Dark Magic Plastic

Glow in the Dark Magic Plastic

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Magic Plastic Made Even Better!

You may or may not remember this stuff from your childhood, but allow us to refresh your memory anyway. Magic Plastic is an Inflatable soft plastic paste that allows you to create resealable balloons which can be stuck together to form various fun and funky creations. You only need a drop of the stuff and a puff of air to get going. It's fab!

We're pretty sure that you won't remember Glow in the Dark Magic Plastic, mainly because it has only recently been invented. Imagine all the fun of Magic Plastic but with a cool glow effect! Now you can create balloons that will absorb the light to glow bright green when in the dark. Have fun!

Magic Plastic Specifics and Features

  • Glow in the dark version of Magic Plastic
  • All balloon models will absorb light and glow green in the dark!
  • Inflatable plastic paste creates persistent plastic balloons for you to play with
  • Pack includes blow-pipe with one-way valve and 30g tube of Magic Plastic
  • Suitable for ages 6 years + under adult supervision
  • Tested for safety (non toxic)