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Flipping Puppy.
Flipping Puppy.
Flipping Puppy.
Flipping Puppy.
Flipping Puppy.
Flipping Puppy.

Flipping Puppy

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A Flipping Puppy is Not Just for Christmas!

These cute little retro style companions will entertain and keep you company whilst ask for nothing in return, except maybe a battery change once in a while. The Retro Flip Puppy / Flipping Puppy will yap excitedly and then shuffle its little legs forwards before performing a wicked back-flip! Choose from either aΒ Dalmatian or a Labrador. Β 

Owning a Puppy can be awesome and there are long lists of health benefits that we're all told to encourage us to have a K-9 Companion. However! What they don't often tell us about are the perils of puppy rearing, such as sleep loss, destroyed furniture and those lovely little packages that Puppies tend to leave around the house for us to find. We wouldnt trade our little pooches for the world though here at Retro Styler (Who would keep us warm in the office if we did?!).

However, if you find that you're Flipping fed up with looking after a dog and are at the I'm not having another one stage, then you might want to just adopt one of our lovely low maintenance Flipping Puppy Dogs; an excellent alternative to owning a live Puppy and a beautiful distraction for the kid who won't stop asking for one! This Flipping Puppy comes fully toilet trained, it won't destroy your furniture and can perform an amazing little stunt.

Just like many of of our other Plush Toys, the Retro Flipping Puppy Toys have nice soft and tactile fur, with a cute little felt collar. You can choose from either a Labrador or a Dalmatian and both come in a colourful window box, making them the perfect retro gift for girls or boys.

After a few excited yaps, the Puppy will Shuffle along the floor before pausing a second, then jumping 360 degrees in the air (No prior doggy training necessary). The Flipping Puppy Toy requires 2 x AA batteries (not included) and measures approximately 18cm / 7 Inches tall. Just remember, this Flipping Puppy is not just for Christmas! it's also for birthdays and anniversaries too!!

  • Adorable Retro Flipping Puppy Dog Toy
  • Yaps and performs an accomplished backflip!
  • Soft, tactile fur with a felt collar
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Choose from 2 breeds Labrador or Dalmatian
  • Designed and manufactured by Tobar
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years +
  • Comes in a gift box