Fanbox: Mystery Poke Box


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Here at Retro Styler we know all too well how it is when shopping for gifts. Have I been thoughtful enough? Did I buy the right thing? Did I buy enough?! Well fear not peeps because we have the perfect solution that will both relinquish you from responsibility as well as pleasantly delight. Fanbox is a Retro Styler exclusive, containing a collection of our most popular and awesome branded merchandise.

The Mystery Poke Box comes choc full of officially Licensed Pokemon merchandise that will surprise and excite, plus you'll save up to a whopping 30% off the total retail price of the collective contents! Choose from the Starter (4-5 products) or Premium (6-8 products) boxes and you'll receive anything from Pokemon branded apparel, fashion jewellery and accessories, through to gadgets, toys, games and sweets - pretty much what you see within the vaults of, it's all good!

The rules of the Fanbox are simple: 1. It's a mystery box so you can choose to take credit or not for the merch contained within, 2. You're guaranteed to get 4-5 or 6-8 items per box, depending on whether you choose Starter or Premium, and 3. You are guaranteed to get a great deal - typically saving 20-30% on the retail value of the contents. So what are you waiting for Retro Stylers? Come on and join the fans!

  • Pokemon Themed Mystery Gift Box
  • A Retro Styler Exclusive!
  • 4-5 (Starter) or 6-8 (Premium) pieces of mystery Pokemon merchandise in one awesome box
  • Includes anything from Pokemon Stationery, Games, Toys, Accessories, Apparel, Fashion Jewellery, Sweets and more!
  • Save as much as 30% off retail price of the latest goodies from
  • Fanbox measures approx. 28.5cm (W) x 11.5cm (H) x 16.5cm (D)
  • A fantastic retro gift for any Pokemon trainer
  • Contains 100% officially licensed Nintendo merchandise

Please Note: Clothing isn't guaranteed and any T-Shirts or Socks that may be included will be sent as Large, unless otherwise stated at checkout and in stock.

  • 4-5 (Starter) or 6-8 (Premium) Pieces of Mystery Pokemon Merchandise
  • Save as much as 30% off Retail Price
  • A Retro Styler Exclusive - Non-Subscription Gift Collection Box!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great selection of Pokemon loot

I bought this fanbox as a pressie for my lady (who's an avid gamer by the way) and I was mightily impressed by the value of the goods inside. There were a total of 7 gifts in the box and every one was a great find! Not the kind of merchandise you can get just anywhere online, and there's a LOT of Pokemon products out there it seems. Needless to say, my girlfriend was more than impressed with her gift and so I'm giving this five stars.

Not suitable for kids

I got 8 items and only 3 of them are suitable for my son he is 5
Pokemon eraser set, card holder(bus pass holder) and a key-ring.

Everything in the box is very good quality.