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The Ultimate Surprise Super Mario Gift Box for Him or Her!

Here at Retro Styler we know all too well how it is when shopping for gifts. Have I been thoughtful enough? Did I buy the right thing? Did I buy enough?! Well fear not peeps because we have the perfect solution that will both relinquish you from responsibility as well as pleasantly delight. Fanbox is a Retro Styler exclusive, containing a collection of our most popular and awesome branded merchandise.

The Mystery Mario Box Edition is full of official Super Mario merch that will surprise and delight. Each box includes 6-8 pieces of Super Mario merchandise, saving you up to a whopping 30% off the total retail price of the collective contents! Choose from 'His' or 'Her' themed Fanboxes and you'll receive anything from apparel, fashion jewellery and accessories, through to gadgets, toys, games and sweets - pretty much what you see within the vaults of and often a little bit more!

The rules of the Fanbox are simple: 1. It's a mystery box so you can choose whether or not to take credit for the merch contained within, 2. You're guaranteed to get 6-8 items per box, and 3. You are guaranteed to get a great deal - typically saving 20-30% on the retail value of the gifts. So what are you waiting for Retro Stylers? Come on and join the fans!

  • Super Mario Bros. Themed Mystery Gift Box
  • A Retro Styler Exclusive!
  • Typically suited to teens and adults - Him or Her options available
  • 6-8 pieces of mystery merchandise in one awesome box
  • Includes anything from Gadgets, Games, Toys, Accessories, Apparel, Fashion Jewellery, Sweets and more!
  • Save as much as 30% off retail price of the latest goodies from
  • A fantastic retro gift for any fan of this popular Nintendo gaming franchise
  • Contains 100% officially licensed Super Mario gifts

Please Note: Any clothing that may be included will be sent as Large, unless otherwise stated at checkout and in stock.


*The following are for example only and your box contents may be different

  • Super Mario Bros. Heat Change Mug
  • Super Mario Bros. 3D Super Mushroom Light
  • Super Mario Odyssey Cappy Cosplay Hat
  • Super Mario Bros. Collector's Edition Multi-Tool Keychain
  • Super Mario Bros. Collectors Edition Coasters
  • Super Mario Pixel Art Socks
  • Men's Mario Kart Fix-It Team Grey T-Shirt
  • 6-8 Awesome Pieces of Mystery Super Mario Merchandise for Him or Her
  • Save as much as 30% off Retail Price
  • A Retro Styler Exclusive - No Subscription Required!
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