Donkey Kong Plush Toy

Donkey Kong Plush Toy

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Monkey Business with the 9.5 Donkey Kong Plush Toy

Here's one Chunky Monkey (Well Gorilla, but hey!) that you wanna have on your side. Donkey Kong is one of Nintendo's key Characters and in 9.5" Plush form he's a right good looker!

You know, Donkey Kong wasnt always the loveable rogue he is today! His first appearance in the Donkey Kong Arcade Game was in 1981, where Jump Man (or Super Mario as he is now known) had to rescue the Damsel in Distress from the clutches of this Angry Anthropomorphic Gorilla, by climbing to the top of rickety platforms, whilst jumping over fast speeding Barrels that Donkey Kong would be dashing his way.

Donkey Kong and Mario have come a long way since the 80's Arcade Era. After a few years of therapy Donkey Kong has gotten over his King Kong Like Compulsions and gone on to star in his very own Platform games, alongside his trusty companion Diddy Kong. Now Donkey Kong spends his days collecting Bananas, swinging from vines, barrel rolling, ground pounding and generally Monkeying Around!

If all of this Donkey Kong chatter is getting you in the mood for a game with DK then you'd better quickly take a look at this awesomely official Donkey Kong Plush Toy by San-Ei. As you can see he's a dead ringer for Donkey Kong and he is VERY soft to boot. Measuring a respectable 24cm / 9.5 tall our Plush Donkey Kong Toy will make for great company whilst you're enjoying your next game of Donkey Kong Country.

  • Super soft and very lovable Donkey Kong Plush Toy
  • Part of the Super Mario character collection
  • Measures approx. 24cm / 9.5 Inches tall
  • Designed and Manufactured by San-Ei Co., Ltd
  • Made from Polyester
  • Hand wash in cold water and hang out to dry
  • 100% official Nintendo Merchandise