DC Comics Superman Logo Notebook

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The 'S' Logo Superman Note Book

In 1939 Superman #1 was released and was the first comic book to be based on one single character. The Man of Steel was a comic book series released in 1986; it was brought out to update Superman by rewriting his origin story in order to attract more fans. Thus the Silver Age Superman was left behind and the more vulnerable Man of Steel was born into DC Comics.

As many of you will now know, Superman was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, which was on the brink of destruction, so his parents sent him to Earth where he would be adopted by Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent. Once Clark Kent discovered and got to grips with his super powers he would accept his nature and later become Superman, donning that fantastic S logo suit that we all now recognise. Whether you're into your Silver Age or Golden Age Superman, you'll be able to appreciate the awesome style of this Superman Logo Notebook.

It comes with the Kryptonian symbol of Hope (Superman S Logo) emblazoned on the front cover and the main body of the book is made from a strong and durable material, helping it to protect your precious notes! Our A5 Superman Notebook measures approximately 15cm (W) x 21.5cm (H) and comes with 200 lined pages, plenty of space to write your own superhero stories or even rewrite them your own way!

Superman Notepad Specifics and Features

  • Classic Superman Lined A5 Notepad
  • 200 Page, Spiral Bound Notebook with 'S' logo branded pages
  • Thick notebook cover with Embossed 3D Effect Superman Logo on front
  • Comes with DC Comics Superman branded tag
  • 100% official Warner Bros. licensed DC Comics merchandise