Collectors Edition Super Mario Bros. Pixel Craft Set


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Let's-a-Get Back to Basics!

Who remembers playing the original Super Mario Bros.? Are you really THAT retro? We hope so! Although the pixelated graphics soon became outdated (though have made a come back recently with some retro-esque games) the simple gameplay remained a favourite amongst Nintendo fans worldwide, and even today many people prefer 2D over 3D Mario games.

Now you can get back to the basics with this Special Edition Super Mario Bros. Pixel Craft Set. Tired of being the player? Now you can be the programmer and show everyone your 8-Bit skillz as your put together your very own Super Mario characters and icons. Each set comes with an iron rubber grid (your canvas) and a whopping 720 magnetic 1cm x 1cm magnetic pixels. That'll keep someone busy on Christmas morning!

Mario Pixel Set Specifics and Features

  • Super Mario Bros. Collectors Edition Pixel Craft
  • Includes 720 Magnetic Pixels to create Mario Characters or game icons
  • Made from Magnetic Rubber
  • Iron Rubber Grid measures approx. 20cm (H) x 18cm (W)
  • Each magnetic pixel measures approx. 1cm x 1cm
  • A cool retro gift for fans of the awesome Super Mario games
  • 100% Official Nintendo Licensed Super Mario Bros. merchandise