Anne Stokes Coll 6 High Polish Chrome Zippo Lighter


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If Zippo Made Cars...

Zippo founder Blaisdell transformed a Chrysler Saratoga into the first ever Zippo Car back in 1947. The company's district managers drove the car around to promote the company, but the giant lighter on top of the car kept blowing out the tires. The car was given to a company Toohey's motors to repair but the company went bust and the car is still missing to this day!

Light up your life with this Anne Stokes Coll 6 High Polish Chrome Zippo Lighter, a beautifully cast and incredibly collectible Officially licensed Zippo Lighter for fans of the company. Beautiful Smoking paraphernalia presented in Environmentally friendly cases at Retro Styler!

Anne Stokes Zippo Specifics and Features

  • Windproof Skull Design Zippo Lighter
  • Polished Chrome Zippo with Retro Anne Stokes print
  • All Zippos are made from Brass, excluding outer design
  • Buy your Zippo with confidence and a Lifetime Guarantee!
  • Gift ready, presented in a cool, environmentally friendly Zippo branded presentation box
  • For optimal performance fill with Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid (Not included)
  • An awesome retro gift for fans of these amazing collectable lighters
  • Designed and manufactured to the highest standards by Zippo