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Pokemon Pikachu Scarf

Pokémon Pikachu Fashion Scarf

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Official Nintendo Licensed Poké Scarf

An interesting fact about "Mr. Mime", the Pokémon can in fact be a girl, however the name of the Pokémon doesn't actually change, so even female Mr Mime's are called Mr Mime! Also did you know that In Pokémon stadium, it was revealed how Doduo can learn the move 'fly'? Apparently it just runs really fast and the running motion gives it the power of flight! It just floats there, running in place.

Show off your love and appreciation for Satoshi Tajiri's mega franchise with this Pokémon Pikachu Fashion Scarf. This 100% officially licensed Pokémon Pikachu Scarf will be an ideal retro style gift for any fan of the Japanese franchise and is slick and stylish, awesome!

Pikachu Scarf Specifics and Features

  • Retro Style Pikachu Character Scarf
  • Lightweight black scarf with multi-print design
  • Made from Viscose material
  • One size that is suitable for teens and adults
  • A great retro gift for Poké fans
  • 100% official Nintendo licensed Pokémon merchandise
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