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Win Win Win with Harley Quinn: The Big DC Give-Away

Adam We 
Self-Proclaimed Potterhead, Game of Thrones Fan & All Round Charming Irish Chap 

Pusheen Summer Give-Away

Hello Puddin'!

Harley Quinn, full name Dr. Harleen Quinzel, was just an intern at Arkham Asylum when she met The Joker and volunteered to analyse him. The Joker managed to gain Harley’s sympathy and seduced her, causing her to become truly fascinated with him and the two formed an intense and volatile relationship which fans are intrigued by. Despite the clearly abusive nature of The Joker towards Harley Quinn, he does show affection towards her but he often finds this a little confusing and ends up trying to kill her on a few occasions – including sending her off in a rocket!

Harley Quinn has developed a huge fan base, inspiring many to emulate her for Halloween, including sporting her signature Baseball Bat and Spiked Bracelet!

This Prize is no Joke(er)!

Right now at Retro Styler we're giving you the chance to win over £100 worth of Official DC Comics Harley Quinn merch! From the moment you wake up you can become Harley Quinn with our  Daddy's Little Monster Dressing Gown and   Daddy's Lil Monster Mule Slippers , continue the look as you roam the streets with our fantastic  Harley Quinn Puddin Bracelet Set  and  Harley Quinn and The Joker Necklace !  When you really want to show your loyalty to the Joker you can add our   Harley Quinn Mini Backpack  and of course these  Property of the Joker Knee High Socks  to your outfit!


No competition can be complete without some simple instructions and we've Gotham below!

How to Enter the Harley Quinn Competition

Step 01

Subscribe to The Retro Styler Blog & Give Email Permissions. No doubt you'll want to keep up to date with any new Harley Quinn merch we're Puddin' out there!

Step 02

Harley Quinn is loved by many, tell us why you adore the Joker's Lil Monster here in the BLOG COMMENTS! Don't foget to follow us on Instagram, who knows, it may help your chances!

We'll announce the winner of our crazy Harley Quinn competition here in the Blog Comments on Monday so make sure to check back and see if you're our very own Harley Quinn!

For now we'll leave you with a glimpse of Harley Quinn in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie - enjoy!



  • Harley Quinn is her own person, as complicated and as simple as that! I absolutely adore her, I confess.
    For me, Harley helped while I was off for over a year very unwell-I spent many hours watching and re-watching Suicide Squad, and dreaming of when I was well enough to aim to be able to let myself be a little Harley myself; go a little crazy, be curious, be fit, chase the things I want, and hold tight to them once I got them!
    Two years later, my hair is grown back, and it’s blonde/pink/blue, and I am happy to say that I am a little more daring, a little more outgoing, and very unapologetically myself-like she is.
    This competition looks amazing, and I wish everyone could win!
    Nina x

  • Hey Harley fans!

    We hope you’ve all had a great weekend and have enjoyed your Monday.

    It’s time to announce Who will Win Win Win with Harley Quinn. This week’s Retro Styler and Winner of this seriously sexy budle of Harley Quinn Merchandise is….

    ……………………………. Heather-Rose Gibson-Ryan!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS Heather, and right you are – Harley Quinn proves that women are strong and fierce, especially you Harley fans! ;) …. Heather, we’ll be emailing you with instructions on how to claim your prizes.

    Thanks so much to everyone who got involved this week. Don’t forget we’ll be giving away more awesome retro gifts this Friday, so be sure to add Retro Styler to your Email Safe Senders list for the Blog updates, follow us on Social Media and keep your eyes peeled!


    Retro Styler
  • I personally love Miss Quinn because she is constantly proving that women are strong and fierce, she marches to the beat of her own drum in such an artistic way. Shes smart, intelligent and her personality is flawless (no matter what y’all say… shes awesome).

    Heather-Rose Gibson-Ryan
  • I love them because they aren’t like others they are different

  • Harley Quinn is amazing I love her attitude and her I have even started doing my car up in red and blue and put Harley Quinn stuff in even got her bat on my back shelf I’m the car even had my nails done I am a huge fan and love collecting Harley Quinn stuff for my car to display at shows

    Catherine fenn
  • Harley Quinn is my fav because she like me and she crazy and her character is just amazing espically in the film suicide squad she just make the film along with her other co stars

    Donna thomas
  • Ohh how exciting is this I’ve got my fingers crossed, you’ve gotta love harley shes a good girl but bad when she has to be
    Reminds me of well
    Me haha good luck to everyone there’s always a chance 🍀🤞

    Savannah neyrese Rowlands
  • I’ve been a fan of Harley since I was a child. She’s adorable and fun despite being crazy – She’s unbreakable, no matter how much she gets put down she gets back up and she’s back in action. She’s one tough cookie, she’s the best female anti hero, I love her <3

  • I have changed my name to Harley and I love the relationship she has with Joker… I have painted my motorcycle with Harley quinn theme and also had the heart tattoo on my face!

    Harley Bond
  • I’m a huge Harley fan, my sister is re decorating my bedroom to Harley Quinn I have loads of posters and by Xmas my whole room will b Harley quinn

  • The reason I love Harley Quinn her love for ther joker is crazy like he ignores her and sometimes hits her but she still gose back to him because she loves him. I really love thats about her.
    She so beautiful she crazy but cute. I like she protective over her puddin. I cosplay her because she has become my persona in my daily life why be sad when you can be crazy and looney and not have the clear in the world about what other thinks of who you love.

    Abigail Adamson
  • She’s an off the wall cookie with her own individual identity, not giving a hoot for what anyone thinks. So brilliant she touches madness and is one of the best villain characters in the series.

    Jean Vaughan
  • i love her attitude , as she is who she is and no-one will change that for her ,and I love her costume too

    sandy lynn ralph
  • I love her whole “I’m me and nothing you say will change that!” Attitide

    Nat Ralph
  • I love her style and attitude, her love for the joker is beautifu, she is awesome

    Cheryl Hales
  • Love her style and crazy personality, she a great character with a great background story

    Kim Ryan
  • I am a huge fan of Harley Quinn, I’ve got jackets, posters all over my bedroom walls, tattoo, duvets all sorts.

  • Harley quin
    Is !!! The most colourful ,most interesting most weirdest character which is why I like her .

    Patsy Hassan
  • I’m a big fan of Harley Quinn and joker
    I love going to comicon every year dressed up as Harley my little girl is all so made about Harley Quinn and joker
    I love that she I well out spoken out there dose not care what people say to her she dose what she wants when she wants

  • I love her dark,gothic style and general feistiness!

    Sara Bellisio
  • I just love how so is so crazy and weird like me. I also love her styles 😃♥️

  • Cos she has wicked style and she rocks

    donna skelton
  • She is just THE sickest chick villain, I love her to pieces. Hotness does not cancel out crazy puddin’ <3

    Claire Robinson
  • I love her as she’s proved a girl can kick butt aswell also her style is awesome she also proves that being diffrent is ok

  • I cosplay harleyquinn most weekends open and closed private events i think by winning this i could do another child friendly harleyquinn

    Kayley giles
  • I love Harley I’m mad on her she’s my favourite and the love she has for her pudding is amazing 😉 I would love to win ❤️😔

    Alana coupe
  • I love Harley Quinn because she is so relatable to me. Like Harley, I’m studying Psychology but I have a multitude of mental health issues, Harley is the perfect example that mental health can affect anyone and you can still come out on the other side, even if you’ve gone through some awful things.
    Plus Harley is a great LGBTQ+ role model and icon. #PoisonQuinn

  • I always loved Harley Quinn the character aesthetic and how crazy and relatable she I see to me

  • Harley Quinn has here own unique style as a character. More than just another villain she has a diverse and unexpected personality which is a mixture between brains, sex appeal & madness.

    Philip Rogers
  • Love harley she has great style!! Already subscribed to the blog and following on Instagram

    Katy Capper
  • My 11 year old is obsessed with Harley Quinn the joker the whole suicide squad and I would love to win for her it would make her day

    Lindsey Matthews
  • I love her style!! She’s my fave character

  • I would love to win this because Harley Quinn is such an amazing character. Her background and she got to her villan ways is so intriguing. Her unique style and personality just add to the exciting character :D

  • The reason why I love Harley so much is because of how interesting she is as a character, she’s smarter than she seems and went from being a doctor to one of the most brilliant “villains”!

    Sarah Richards

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