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The Big Bear Bonanza: Our Perfect Paddington Prize Give-Away

Luca Muca
A sad, strange little man...

Paddington Bear from the movies

"I’ll never be like other people..."

As you may know, Paddington Bear wasn't always a star of the big screen, his first appearance was in a 1958 children's book titled A Bear Called Paddington.

Since then, Paddington Bear has featured in more than twenty books written by British author Michael Bond and illustrated by Peggy Fortnum, as well as other talented artists. These wonderful children's books have been translated to 30 languages across 70 titles and have sold more than 30 million copies worldwide!

As well as ALWAYS being polite, this anthropomorphised little bear from Peru has sweet retro style, with his weathered suitcase, old red hat, blue duffel coat and marmalade sandwich stash (usually under his hat!).

Paddington's worldwide popularity has skyrocketed him from books, to tv to cinema, with not one but two movies... and a bunch of merchandise to boot! Here at Retro Styler we're suckers for awesome tv and movie merch, which is why we just can't stop collecting Paddington Plush as well as a wealth of other lovely Paddington Gifts.

Perfect Paddington Pressies

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This week we're giving away over £55 worth of officially licensed Paddington Bear merchandise, featured above, to one lucky winner. Read on to see how you could win these lovely Paddington Prizes...

How to Win our Big Bear Bonanza

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Step 02

"What do you love most about Paddington Bear? Let us know in the Blog Comments below in as much lovely detail as you can - don't be shy, we won't bite! Also don't forget to follow us on Instagram to get noticed and make your competition entry that little bit sweeter!

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We will announce the winner of our Paddington Prize Give-Away in the blog comments below on Monday the 9th September so make sure to check back and see if you're the lucky winner! 

Before you go, let's return to that fateful moment that our marmalade-loving bear met the Brown family at Paddington Station (stranger danger!)...


  • Love that Paddington is so trusting and kind and a bit naughty

    Marion Payne
  • Hello all!

    We hope you have all had a great weekend and enjoyed yourselves, with no Paddington-like mishaps!

    It’s that time again where we announce the winner of our weekly prize give-away. First of all we’d just like to say thanks for all your awesome comments, they made for an interesting read and as always, it was a pleasure.

    There can only one however, so this week’s Retro Styler and winner of our Paddington Bear competition is……….

    …………………………..Harry……………………… (Comment from September 9, 2019 at 04:24am)

    Congratulations, Harry – your knowledge of Paddington and clear admiration for his lovely ways are very impressive :). We’ll be emailing you shortly, with instructions on how to claim your Paddington prizes.

    Thanks again to all and have a wonderful week.

    Big Bear Hugs.


    Retro Styler
  • Love Paddington .. used to watch the television series when I was little ( my daughter bought me the original series on Dvd . I have loved reminiscing & remembering my childhood . My daughter & I love the modern version just as much Paddington is timeless & adorable. Although he gets himself in sticky situations his heart is always in the right place & he is usually trying to help others . We all need to be “More Paddington” The world will become a nicer place for everyone. ❤️🐻xx

    Julie Hardy
  • What I love about Paddington Bear is a hard one…… I love his outfit for starters – the fact he’s a bear that came to London from Peru beating the red and blue from the Union Jack.

    Although I think the thing I love most about Paddington is he shows us that no matter what rubbish and problems occur in our lives we can overcome them. He moved to London at a young age and arrived in Paddington Station which is where the Brown Family found him and called him Paddington Bear because he was found at Paddington and is a bear.
    He’s also throughout his books and movies and things shown us that there is always some good in anything that is bad and that bad things only last temporarily but good things can last forever.

  • I love Paddington because he sees the good in everyone and brings out the best in them!

    Sara Dean
  • Paddington was first introduced to me in 1975 when I was 8 years old . I was given a miniature paddington bear with perfect little wellies boots and his own suitcase. I adored that little bear and once I found out he loved marmalade that soon became my favourite sandwich filler. I read many paddington bear books throughout my childhood and I must confess that I did watch both paddington movies and enjoyed every minute of them xx

    Sharon Griffin
  • I love Paddington Bear for a number of reasons. My mum and I both love him, so I have grown up hearing about him and watching old Paddington episodes. I love how caring he is and the love that he has for the family he finds, his sense of humour and his clumsiness/ability to get into sticky situations! He is trusting and manages to see the good in everyone which I think makes him all the more likeable.
    Now I’m a teacher so I have used our ‘Bears’ topic as an excuse to watch the old Paddington episodes that used to be on tv! Hopefully the children I teach find him as funny and cute as I do!

  • As a family we all agree that Paddington is amongst our all time favourite characters! We love his clumsiness and that head-stare should anyone else put a foot (paw) wrong! The cups of tea and over indulged marmalade sandwiches; the way he finds good in everybody he meets, and the way he can make any adult watching feel like a child. Paddington is a true classic, the bear and the station, and we should embrace the two forever!! – “Paddington looks for the good in all of us, and somehow, he finds it”. 🐻🎩💼🥪

  • Our favourite thing about Paddington is that he gives ‘the Mum look’ when someone does something they shouldn’t 😂

  • I love how polite Paddington is. My daughter absolutely loves him and he seems to be teaching her her manners better than I am! Haha

    Good old Paddington!

    Abigail Burdett
  • I love how British Paddington is and how cute and polite he is!

    Alison Tees
  • I love Paddington because he’s ap little gentleman of a bear, he’s funny and classy and I used to live watching him as a child so many memories

    Gemma hendry
  • I love how Paddington Bear gets into so much trouble and causes chaos but as he is so adorable you can never be angry with him. He was my favourite character as a child and still is. I look forward to sharing his adventures with my granddaughter who is due on Monday. Our first grandchild xxx

    Tracy Higgs
  • He is just amazingly adorable in every way 🐻❤️. Love how polite he is, always prepared having his trusty marmalade sandwiches to hand, and he just means and wants to do well, despite getting in sticky situations always manages to move forward ✨. An inspirational bear for children and adults! X

  • Paddington Bear was my most loved story book character as a child, and when I met my future husband, it turns out Paddington was his aswell. We immensely enjoyed his two big screen films and eagerly await his 3rd. Paddington will definitely be one of the first books our children will read aswell. We love the little peruvian bear for many reasons but his kindness and positive outlook on life has to top the list x

    Holly Garrad
  • Paddington has been a favourite of mine since I was a child, I remember meeting Michael Bond and he signed my pop up book!!! I love his antics and clumsiness but always good and kind hearted with the best intentions, and so funny! Paddington even inspired me to go to Peru and the rainforest to volunteer, now I’m expecting my first child and so excited to share Paddington with them, this prize would be amazing to help me on our way.

  • Paddington is lkke a bear version if me, clumsy, always in trouble and big hearted

    Joanne Robinson
  • Such an iconic bear loved by so many people and so cute too

    donna skelton
  • I have been a lifelong fan of Paddington and as a child, I had the most wonderful toy. Winning this prize would be such a joy.

    Nadia Stanbridge
  • He is kind and down to earth.
    Funny and unexpected things happen to him and he makes us all laugh, no matter what age.
    I still have my Paddington Bear from years ago.

    Lynda Graham
  • Paddington is an icon! I loved him when I was a child, I love that hes curious about everything! He always manages to see the best thing possibe in everything.
    Plus how adorable is he?

    Heather-Rose Gibson-Ryan
  • I love how innocent, clumsy and how lacking in common sense he is. He’s fragile yet confident himself. He’s very relatable for a bear. Seeing him brought into the modern day brings back major childhood nostalgia for me. Love him

    Andrea desouza
  • A have always been a lover of Paddington since a was a child .This would be lovely to win x

    sheila Tidy
  • Love paddington bear have done since I was a kid had books and covers for my bed and now I can pass on my love of paddington to my sons aswell

  • Love teddy’s would love to win this prize. Paddington is one of the best bears in the world

    Victoria Hanratty
  • Would love to win this prize. I love teddy’s . Paddington is one of the best bears in the world

    Victoria Hanratty
  • I love paddington as its the first live show my daughter watched. It also means alot as i know my mum loves it too.😍

    Danielle jupp
  • His general eccentricity and love of marmalade sandwiches!

    Sara Bellisio
  • Paddington was always so great when I was a kid…. The voice over and the animation for want of a better word was so perfect…. I have the complete dvd collection and watch it regularly…

    Mark Higginbottom
  • My sister and I fell in love with Paddington when she bought me the first book when I was 3 years old and she was 15!! She used to read it to me every night. We both still love Paddington and she had a Paddington cake for her 75th birthday last year!! I have passed down my love of Paddington to my own son as has he to his own children. ❤️

    Beverley Murphy
  • Always loved Paddington bear 🐻 such a smart cute little bear my little ones are also a lover of him too x

    Lucy Frances Morris
  • Really cute and so adorable

    Sian Butterfield
  • Paddington is the kindest of bears and loves London

  • What an amazing prize, my kids love paddington such a brave and friendly little bear

  • Fab prize! My 6 year old daughter met Paddington at Butlins & fell in love with him & his curious nature….also his love for marmalade sandwiches =)

  • What I love most about Paddington Bear was that he was always so friendly, helpful, and willing to see the best in people. As a rather more cynical person myself, it was quite refreshing to see the world from someone else’s perspective in a rather more positive way.

  • I’ve loved Paddington Bear since I was a little girl! Would love to win and pass this on to my own children. I still have my original PB compendium of stories! I used to read it over and over! I think I always loved his adventurous side, that he wasn’t afraid to go out into the world and explore. But of course, he was always so polite, too!

  • Subscribed and followed ….Paddington is close to our families hearts as my partner grew up in the Paddington area and has passed his love on to myself and our children so our family all love the lovable bear and collect all manor of things Paddington

    Julia slater
  • What a lovely prize, the toy could go to my wifes evergrowing collection of stuffed animals, the rest would be kept for my little great grand daughter for when she is old enough.

    ian blackwell
  • I think the thing I like most about paddington is his childlike wonder and ability to see the best in people and situations. He never see the bad

    Toni Davis

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