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There is no denying that Friends is up there with my favourite sitcoms of all time! And I know I'm not alone on this one.

Netflix made my year when they added every single series of the retro classic, and that's why I thought it was about time I sat down and wrote about why I love it SO much.

So instead of doing a generic "why we love Friends", I thought I'd break it down even further and take you through each character from time to time. 

Why not take a look at our awesome Friends goodies?!

That's why Monica is under the spotlight today and it has to be said she is one character that has definitely grown on me as I've become older... (*cry*)

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Monica Geller

1. She is a self-confessed foodie!

Whether holding herself back from gorging like she did in her teens or cooking up a storm for the whole clan, there is no denying that Monica loves nothing more than creating a feast for everyone to share.

Monica loves her food

2. If you need honest advice, Monica is your woman

Monica is always there to dish out the most honest (and be it correct) advice. Just like that time Chandler needed some advice on how to get girls and when Rachel was struggling to get a job - Monica was there!

Monica is your woman if you need some honest advice

3. She is fiercely competitive 

One thing I love about Monica is how competitive she is with just about everything. "The One With the Football" is possibly my favourite episode of all time and that's mainly down to the sibling rivalry between Ross and Monica.

Monica shows her competitive streak constantly through the Friends series

4. Monica is an amazing drunk

Although we don't see this all too often, when Monica has had a few she really lets go and becomes one of the funniest out of the bunch! (Sorry Chandler...)

Drunk Monica is my favourite Monica

5. She always considers her friends as family

There is nothing better than the bond that holds all of the Friends lot together, and I think that Monica helps a lot with this! Not only is she the one with the apartment where they all meet up most of the time, but she also helps with all of their problems. She even marries her best friend...

Monica and Chandler are serious couple goals...