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So you have just received the grades you needed to get into University and you’re starting to look for some bits and bobs to make your halls a home from home. We’ve picked our favourite pieces which are guaranteed to make an impression on your new student pals…

Cork Bunting Memo Flags

Photos are the best way to personalise and make any space feel more homely and if you’re feeling a little bit hungover or homesick, pics of your favourite memories will bring you all the comfort you need! With these quirky Cork Bunting Memo Flags £8.95  you can pin up any memos, invites and pictures of friends & family. With each pack containing 5 cork flags which hang on a white cord and multi-coloured pins, this corkboard alternative will brighten up any student space.

Top 5 Fresher Must Haves 1

Heinz Tomato Soup Giant Mug and Spoon

Sometimes there’s just nothing better than a hot soup to warm you from the inside out! This huuuge Heinz Tomato Soup Mug and Spoon £13.50  is sure to please your soup-loving taste buds as there’s plenty of room in this bad boy for your favourite flavour and with those dark and cold nights arriving soon, there’s no better time to invest!

Top 5 Fresher Must Haves 2

Shot Pong Party Drinking Game

What’s a party without beer pong?! Well, move over, there’s a new drinking game in town. This Shot Pong Party Drinking Game £6.99 with its smaller cup sizes, will prove to be even more challenging, especially after a few slurps of your go-to tipple!

Top 5 Fresher Must Haves 3

Get Sh*t Done Mug

Okay, so you’ve hopefully just about survived the first week of the mayhem of fresher’s week and you’re probably faffing around like the King or Queen of procrastination… We have the perfect mug for you! This Get Sh*t Done mug £7.50 will prove as a much needed reminder when you need it most. Pour in that double espresso and flyyyyyy!

Top 5 Fresher Must Haves 4

Cheesy Hits Pizza Cutter

Cut your pizza like a boss with this retro Cheesy Hits Pizza Cutter £8.50. Slice through the piece of cheesy, greasy goodness after a long day of studying hard… Or whilst binging on Netflix all day after a heavy night on the town as the case may be with this awesome vinyl style pizza cutter!

Top 5 Fresher Must Haves 5

We know that you can be pretty strapped for cash at this time of year so that is why we’re here to give you a helping hand, a bit of charity work if you will…

Top 5 Fresher Must Haves 7

Order any Retro Styler product from this page that tickles your fancy and get a cheeky 15% off by using code FRESH15 at the checkout – Oh happy days!

Top 5 Fresher Must Haves 8

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