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The Wizard Mystery Fanbox Giveaway - Gather 'Round Muggles!

Competition Time...

It's Friday and we're feeling particularly excited here at Retro HQ, following the launch of our BIGGER & BETTER Fanboxes - whoop whoop!... Aaaand in our elevated state we have decided to give away one of our Mystery Wizard Boxes to the lucky Muggle who can convince us why they'd make such a Fantastic Wizard or Witch?? 

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2. Comment below

Have a scribble in the comments below, letting us know why you'd make such a fantastic Wizard or Witch..?

3. Sit and wait...

Once you've done that, simply wait and see if you've been selected as the winner by Monday. We will email you, so make sure you check it frequently - and your junk too! *

* The winner for this giveaway will be announced on Monday 5th November 2018 via a blog post. If you are the winner, you will receive a glorious email instructing you on what to do next.


  • I think I’d make a fabulous witch because I have a great memory to remember all the spells plus I already have a broom and know how to fly it hehe. Muggles are ok…..but I’d LOVE to be a witch!

    Rebecca McIntosh
  • Im not sure if or why i would be a good witch but would love to cast a spell on some people

    Donna skelton
  • I think I would be a good witch beacause I good causing mischief and learning all the spells

    Catherine Wren
  • I think I would be a good witch beacause I good causing mischief and learning all the spells

    Catherine Wren
  • I’d make a good witch cause I’m the right amount of good and evil. 😂😉

  • I’d make a good witch cause I’m the right amount of good and evil. 😂😉

  • I’d make a good witch cause I’m the right amount of good and evil. 😂😉

  • I’d make a good witch because I’d like to use my powers for the good. Xx

  • I’d make a great wizard because I would make everything fun and probably know most spells already 😂
    Plus I’d look great in the robes 😂😂

  • No idea what type of wizard but I imagine the spells flying round

    Phillip doherty
  • I’d definitely make a good which I feel like I’d be molly Weasley my house is always full of my friends kids and I love it

    Donna Lakin
  • I love reading and flying but my hair currently looks more like Hagrids! I could do with a time turner to fit everything into a day!

    Kellie Collister
  • I think I would make a good witch 🧙‍♀️ as I am Harry Potter obsessed! I’m still waiting to receive my letter from hogwarts. I think they may have forgotten me 😂 so this fab box would definitely cheer me up while I’m waiting

    Holly harmsworth
  • Think I would make a good witch as I love all things magical. Would love a mystical pet and cooking up a special something in my cauldron.

  • I would make a great witch as I am good at reading people and predicting what is going to happens
    Plus I look amazing on a broomstick 😂

  • I think I would make a good witch because like Hermione she can remeber spells really well which is very ueful if something we’re to go wrong with her two best friends, she can protect them like i do with mine. Also Merry Christmas to everyone at Retro styler I know it’s early but I just can’t wait. 💛

    morgan lawrence
  • I’d make a great witch due to my ability to talk to snakes and my cauldron boiling skills

    Helen Rosbotham
  • I’d make an amazing witch as I have a cackle like no other and the magical ability to dodge the thousands of Lego pieces constantly left around by my 7 year old 🙃

    Angela Paull
  • I adore witches and wizardry and I think I would be a good great witch would be a fabulous witchbecause I’m creative and focused and I love the idea that the world is as much as we make it and it’s so infinitely interesting and fascinating and we have so much to explore, both in real life and in fiction and I think that’s a lot of what magic is about

    Ceri Cooper
  • A Large Cauldron , Of
    Neverending Tea On The Brew !
    Fresh Cakes & Biccy’s At the flick of a Wand !
    What More do you want?,.. Oh Yeah ! – Reading
    The Latest RETRO-STYLER News Page! Blog?…
    Aren’t I The Lucky Little Witch !

    Jenni Sida
  • I already look like a witch so it is a good start and i have always wanted to put a spell on people

    Susan Mottram
  • I’m hoping I would make a great witch with pale skin and dark features

  • Not sure if I’d be a great witch but I’d give it a good go . I’d love to cackle :)

    Rebecca hussey
  • Welsh red headed . Full of mischief and fun . Love of nature and the seasons . Not wierd …unique

    Sarah Stevens
  • I would make an awesome witch because I love all things magical and hogwarts. I am ready to help save the day at a moments notice with my wand, magical robe outfit and my most trusted ginger kitty side kick, kai.

    Kirsty Dark
  • I would make a great witch as I love all things magical and enchanted especially Harry Potter which is my ultimate favourite and can’t get enough of it

    Liz reader
  • I would make a fantastic witch because I love anything magical and my other half as a black cat x

    Sally-Anne Filer
  • I’d be a good witch because I’m always making my 3 little boys smile and keeping them entertained and try to make their wishes come true “like magic” , always using Magic kisses to take their tears away they they get hurt :)

    Tracy Marriott
  • I don’t know if id make a very good witch as I’m not very brave 😂 but I would definitely love all the magical creatures from the wizarding world! And I would love to do charms and potions 😁

    Heather Willison
  • I’m not sure why I would make a good witch – but I think it would be fun!

    Natasha Pretorius
  • I think I’d make a great witch but I think my little minis would make an even better witch and wizard because they were great as Harry and Hermione on Halloween and they’re in love with the films and books

  • I’d make an amazing witch because I’ve been obsessed with witches and wizards since I was a kid, with shows like Sabrina TTW and W.I.T.C.H. tv show, as well as the first HP books coming out. I’d have vast magical knowledge to help people in need but also make life so much more interesting for myself haha

    Natalie W
  • Id make a great wizard as I love to do magical things with the kids

    Sarah Kochan
  • Im make a great witch because I love studying so i woukd learn all the speels =D

    Emily young
  • I’d make the best witch as I would be always brewing something up in my couldron and swishing and flicking my wand to my heart’s content

    Nicola crowther
  • Because I have 2 little Cornish Pixies of my own at home causing havoc & it’s magic that I can keep them under control!!

    Mia Fairfield
  • Well I don’t look like a witch (I don’t think) or don’t have a black cat or nuffin! I can say Wingardium Leviosa correctly though it’s pronounced leviOsa, not levioSA!

    Helen Winson
  • I’d make a great witch. All I need is a black cat and a broom stick. My kiddies think I’m a witch sometimes.

    Lucy Robinson
  • I’d make a great wizard because my sorcery skills are on par with Potter plus I’m totally awesome at Quidditch

  • I’d make an amazing wizard because I would make everything fun and magical and maybe play a few tricks along the way too 😊

    Sofi Baynham
  • I’m a total Hermione — I’d be in the library looking up wizarding history and spells to help the heroes save the day 📚

  • I would make a fantastic witch because;

    1. I’m ginger (not many ginger witches!!)
    2. I’m Welsh so we’re snappy and woukd have a pet dragon.
    3. I love reading too


    Sue McDonnell

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