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The Wibbly Wobbly Timey Sensitive Doctor Who Gift Give-Away

Adam We 
Self-Proclaimed Potterhead, Game of Thrones Fan & All Round Charming Irish Chap 

Doctor Who Competition by Retro Styler

Who is Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is the long running TV Show which began in 1963 and was revived in 2005, the show has a huge fan base and is still as popular as ever! “The Doctor” is a time traveller who is from a race known as Time Lords. These guys use a machine called the TARDIS to travel through space and time. Despite its appearance of a small and simple London Police Box, the TARDIS has infinite space inside, but you know all this right!?

It’s hard to say exactly how many Doctor Who actors there have been, due to the many spin-offs of the show, for the most part though it’s agreed that there have been thirteen official Doctors. The Doctor Who TARDIS has become a significant and widely recognised image and is now firmly planted in British culture – and here at Retro Styler we have lots of awesome Doctor Who Gifts to keep you Whovians happy!

Take A Retro Dive Into Satisfaction!

Okay, so I struggled to make the TARDIS acronym into an applicable heading - but 'A' for effort, right? On to the important stuff, we've got some pretty fantastic Doctor Who products at Retro Styler HQ and we'd love to give you guys a chance to win over £60 of merch for free!

Kick back in our Doctor Who Adult TARDIS Mule Slippers to watch your favourite Doctor Who episodes, a nice cuppa in hand and some biscuits straight from our incredible TARDIS Cookie Jar! It's not just at home that our Doctor Who merch is perfect for, oh no! Let fellow fans know how much you love the show by hitting the streets with our Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Tote Bag, if you run into trouble on your Time Travelling adventure there's no need to worry, our Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Keychain Torch will get you out of most sticky situations! 

Unlike the Doctor, you'll only get one opportunity to enter this fantastic Doctor Who Giveaway - unless you have a secret TARDIS of your own! Check out the instructions below and remember, this competition is Time sensitive! 

But how do I enter your amazing Doctor Who Competition? Well...

Step 01

Subscribe to The Retro Styler Blog & Give Email Permissions. No doubt we'll have some more Doctor Who products arriving in the future, or from it, and you'll want to keep up to date!

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We'll announce the winner of this unbelievable Doctor Who Gift Give-Away right here on Monday and don't worry, we won't Doctor the results!

For now though let's indulge in some classic Doctor Who!

Watch Some Classic Doctor Who!


  • Good Afternoon Whovians Everywhere!

    We hope you have all had a fantastic weekend. This week on The Retro Styler Blog we’ll be exploring some Zelda Gaming News and taking a look at Amazon Prime’s Dark Superhero Satire, The Boys. We have some awesome new products landing on the website such as Lion King, Music and Harry Potter Tees, but for now let’s announce this week’s Retro Styler and WINNER.

    ………………………………….. VICTOR CONNOR ………………………………………

    Congratulations Victor, you’ve WON! You only just made the comp too, which goes to show folks that it’s never too late to enter, until it’s too late ;) . Victor, we’ll be in touch via email with instructions on exactly how to claim your Doctor Who Prizes. We hope that you can hit us up on Social Media to show off your merch and let others know what can be won.

    Thanks so much to everyone else for getting involved in our Give-Away. Don’t forget to stay Subscribed to the Blog for more weekly Competitions and follow us on Social Media if you wanna be in our gang!


    Retro Styler
  • My favourite Doctor is Matt Smith. He was my Doctor. Doctor Who was on my radar, but never something I bothered watching. Then I caught an episode with Matt Smith and I was hooked. His goody humour enlightened something in me. I need more Doctor Who in my life. So I ended up streaming every episode and becoming a huge Whovian. Well if we want to get technical, every episode post 2005. So I’m a new Whovian. I would need my own Tardis to catch all the previous episodes. I absolutely love Doctor Who thanks to Matt Smith, his relationship with Amy, Rory and River was fantastic. I was consistently glued. While at Uni because of Matt, me and a couple of friends, while under the influence, ended up making a facebook page called ‘Doctor Who Chat Up Lines’ we had 6000 fans at one point. To summarise Matt Smith is my favourite Doctor because he opened me up to the whole Doctor Who universe.

    Victor Connor
  • Has to be David Tennant because he’s the funniest and most entertaining.

    Jamie C
  • I love David tennant he’s fun, exciting and you never know what he’s going to be up to next

    Shanice bogue
  • My fav doctor is Tom Baker as everyone loves a jelly baby.

  • Peter Capaldi for sure. I love the range of emotions he can portray in a single look. His speech delivery was very moving as well. 😊

    Amber Macadam
  • Matt Smith, he had it all, drama, humour, sadness, seriousness… he was great.

    Sara McCready
  • That’s a difficult one. Probably Patrick Troughton or Jon Pertwee as they were the first Doctors I can remember watching (sometimes from behind the couch!). Mind you also liked Peter Davidson and David Tennant. Too hard to choose really. Easier to pick the ones I didn’t like!!

    Jeanie Maxwell
  • Matt Smith is hands-down my favourite. He was so believable as the Doctor – awkward, bright, kooky and asocial. I will never forget the custard and fish fingers scene, his trips in the Tardis wearing a fez and his heartbreaking goodbye to Amy.

    Francesca Frawley
  • David Tennant.. he was so witty.. and I just wanted to kiss his funny little face !!

    Donna Fairburn
  • My daughters favourite is the 10th Doctor David Tennant but she does like the 11th Doctor matt Smith for his fish fingers and custard episode she would love these prizes

  • David Tennant why because that’s who my daughter thinks is the best dictor

    Phil Burgess
  • David Tennant… best dr who ever, me and my 6 year old son still watch his series esp on a sunday afternoon, he has his hair cut like David Tennants Dr who and gets me to gel in up everyday, he even has a shelf with all his dr who items on

    Denise salerno
  • David Tennant… best dr who ever, me and my 6 year old son still watch his series esp on a sunday afternoon, he has his hair cut like David Tennants Dr who and gets me to gel in up everyday, he even has a shelf with all his dr who items on

    Denise salerno
  • Tom Baker because I grew up with him and he likes Jelly Babies.

    Simon Cox
  • Has to be David Tennant!!

    Adam Langston
  • My favourite Doctor was David Tennant, he is a great actor

    Carolyn Crowe
  • Sylvester McCoy – i loved how quirky he was as well as being the doctor when I first got into it (loved Ace too!).

  • David Tennant – the sweetest quirkiest doctor ever!

  • David Tennant, brilliant actor and bought the Doctor Who role back to life

    Ian Buckingham
  • David Tennant is definitely my favourite but they’re all special.

  • David Tennant 😉😊❤

    Erica Hill
  • David Tennant, really funny, quirky and entertaining but also great during the more emotional parts. Most of my favourite episodes are with the 10th Doctor ❤️

  • It was Sylvester McCoy, but then along came Jodie Whitaker….

    Paula Defriez
  • Christopher eccleston was my fav, just a shame he was only in one season

    Gillian hay
  • I’m a bit of a new generation of doctor who fan. Not exactly watched many at all of older Doctor who episodes. Matt Smith to me is my favourite simply because his transition from serious, dramatic actor delivering gripping action and poignant moments to a comical character giving us all moments that we will laugh at and treasure. Bring back matt for a Christmas special #OneMoreTime

  • Very hard to pick between Jon pertwee and Tom Baker ..but as Jon pertwee invited me and some family to bbc studios (at time filming green death) spent whole day there it was amazing so Jon pertwee just nudges out Tom for me

  • Jodie Whittaker has to be my favourite, great to see a female doctor- transgender reputation is great.

    Jazz Fulcher
  • Tom baker

    Mrs donna Sampson
  • It has to be Tom Baker. Loved his character. Very likeable even though scatty and K-9 added to the equation. I used to have dreams about being his assistant and going on some wonderful adventures with him and K-9.

    Helen Hoose
  • Always loved Tom Baker as he is nuts

    Lynn Robinson
  • My first doctor when growing up was 9th doctor Christopher Eccleston but I do not have a favourite doctor as I like all the doctors from William Hartnell all the way through to Jodi Whittaker and also all the actors who play the doctors have their own way of playing the doctor so it would be impossible to pick a favourite.

    Timothy Adey
  • I like John Pertwee & David Tennent the best.
  • 11! I was still mourning losing the amazing 10, and all ready to not like this new doctor. Especially with the change of writer cos I adore Russel T Davies. But the mix of comedian instantly turning angry Doctor, awe inspiring character brought to life by Matt Smith was amazing. The character arc with River Song. 11 had a certain sparkle! Plus I love a person who uses their hands to talk, and he did that a lot , ha ha!

    Sarah Knott
  • Jodie Whittaker

    Danny Spring
  • Has to be David Tennant for me.💯
    Great actor & would love the chance to work with him. 🎬😁

    Sharon Spink
  • David Tennant

  • My favourite Doctor is Peter Capaldi he was energetic, mysterious, playful and a complete badass

  • David Tennant 😁 He is my true favourite Dr Who as so perfect for the role! #SoQuirky 👍🏻 I loved watching him!

    Michelle Lamont
  • Matt Smith. I was won over by fish fingers and custard 😁😁😁

    Andy Rothwell
  • David Tennant will always be my Dr I thought his portrayal of the role was incredible and the ending was simply beautiful 💜

  • Matt Smith by far , I loved his energy and the way he brought the bits of the other doctors with his performance .

    Richard Harding
  • David Tennant because he brought a sense of fun to the role.

    Helen Jackson
  • Matt Smith because he is such an amazing, excellent and awesome Doctor

    Daniel Ardies
  • Peter capaldi because he’s the living embodiment of Doctor who . From becoming a fan boy to the real thing he has the same compassion and love of the universe as the Doctor and that comes across in his character

    David Nash
  • My favourite doctors are Tom Baker, David Tennant and Peter Capaldi. Very difficult to choose all excellent.

  • Matt Smith didn’t like him at first but ended up loving him

  • I like something about all the doctors he is the many faces of one man or woman long live John Smith the doctor !

  • #retrostyler my daughters favourite Doctor is Matt Smith mine is David Tennant , love to win this great prize for her 🤞🤞

  • Tom Baker every time… Why… Because he’s such a unique actor he makes every single story brill…. You could listen to him read a phone book and it would still be fascinating!

    Mark Higginbottom
  • Christopher Eccleson❤️🌻

    Sophie K.
  • Mine overall is Tom Baker of originals, from new ones it’s David Tennant

    Alan Pulley
  • my favourite doctor is christopher eccleston, he’s just so funny and sassy and he deserved more seasons.

    maggie-may mclay
  • Loved David tennant

    Scarlett hardiman
  • My favourite doctor is ten david Tennant because he made it exciting and showed a more human side to a timelord

    Terry Greenwood
  • I can’t pick between David Tennant and Peter Capaldi. I feel Capaldi was an underrated doctor. Because of David and Matt having such yound energy everyone though Capaldi would be miserable when in actuality he was sassy and energised!

  • David Tennant 😍😍

    Jade Baker-Young
  • I would have to choose either David Tennant or Matt Smith I can’t possibly choose just one 😁

  • Sylvester McCoy as he was the Doctor when I first really started Tonget into sci-fi

    Susan Laing
  • Christopher Eccleston. I loved the intensity he brought to the to role plus he brought the doctor back!

    Pippa Ainsworth
  • Matt Smith is my favourite doctor because of his quirkiness but also how sweet he was. He had a real soft spot for children and it was portrayed really well by Matt

    Lauren Smith
  • I liked David Tennant he played the part so well with humour and seriousness

    Victoria Thurgood
  • I really liked Matt Smith he just played the part so well with his quirky personality!

    Lisa Troccoli
  • I really liked Matt Smith he just played the part so well with his quirky personality!

    Lisa Troccoli
  • David Tennant, my fiancee loves his acting

  • Tom Baker. He WAS the Doctor and had so many funny put downs for his enemies

    Colin parker
  • Definitely David Tenant, he has so much energy and gave so many sides emotionally. Fantastic actor

  • Definitely David Tenant, he has so much energy and gave so many sides emotionally. Fantastic actor

  • Tenth is my favourite, he’s fun to watch and loveable from the get go. He can be serious and he just fits the best for me as the doctor, it was sad when he had to regenerate :(

    “Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff”
    “I don’t want to go”

    Lia Warburton
  • Sylvester McCoy because he was fun and he was brilliant with Ace

    Sonia Cash
  • David Remnant, he is bin to watch an d love the adventures he find himself on.

    Lorraine Rivers
  • David Tennant is my favourite Doctor cause that’s when I started watching Doctor Who

    Barry Page
  • David Tennant – always made me smile and he just fit into the role perfectly

  • David Tennant,because he’s hot! ;)

    Sara Bellisio
  • Tom baker is my fave simply because it’s madness and I love it. But I have to tip my hat to Patrick troughton, because if it hadn’t worked for him and had convincing regeneration then we wouldn’t have it today.

    Emma willetts
  • Tom Baker as he was my Childhood doctor also loved Matt Smith he was a real character of fun plus my children loved him too 😁

    Samantha Roberts
  • David Tennant is the best Dr because he has a great personality.

    Joan Young
  • David tennant because hes a great doctor and because of his character

    Chloe Pierce
  • David Tennant because I loved the script writing and his performer was just amazing. He is an incredible actor and he renewed my interest in the Doctor.

    Rebecca Hodson
  • 4 was the Doctor I grew up with and love. Do also love 11 for his fresh twist.

    Becky Willoughby
  • Ten is my favourite Doctor and Donna my favourite companion!
    There’s always something to love about all of them but Tennant captured everything for me.

    Eva B
  • I’m stuck between Christopher Ecclestone and David Tennant to be honest. I think Ecclestone’s performance was brilliant – you could really see the ‘hard’ side of the Doctor, the one who’d managed to push that button and kill all the Daleks. But he also had that cheeky side as well! If I was pushed, I’d probably pick Tennant though, just because he was around longer and got to be part of a lot of fantastic storylines. He’s that little bit more charismatic and he brought a needed lightness to the role for a while – whilst also being able to be serious when needed.

    Amy B
  • David tennant was most funny and cool Doctor ever

    Darren Morrison
  • David Tennant! ❤️

    Hayley kilpatrick
  • jodie or sylvester because they both make me laugh a lot

    Cerys Hadfield
  • David Tennant he is my favourite doctor who charter he is so funny and cannot st laughing at so much of the funny thing he say

    Joanne smith
  • David Tennant is the best. So funny and quirky never failed to cheer me up watching his episodes. Best doctor by far ♥️

    Mercedes Blackburn
  • David Tennant. Best doctor who.

  • David Tennant is my favorite Doctor and Donna was brilliant as his companion!

    Debbie Wright
  • David tennant.
    Although I’ve watched all episodes later on David tennant was the Dr I started with his acting was amazing he made the boots for all drs after to big to fill.

    His attitude in the way he acted was believable

    Danielle Blount
  • My favourite doctor is the 12th Doctor portrayed by Peter Capaldi. I adored his character development from being “totally against bantering” and hugging to being the softest and kindest soul.

    Lillie Bromyard
  • My favourite has to be the one that got me watching and that was the 7th Doctor sly ester McCoy. And the episode was remembrance of the daleks

    David pennington
  • My favourite character is Captain Jack Harkness becase he is amazig, funny and just a precious bean in general

    Lola Davies
  • David tennant and john pertwee

  • Matt Smith because he is from Northamptonshire like me and those were the episodes that got me hooked as I am a younger fan! (I then went back and watched all the rest afterwards!) I think everyone will always love their original doctor!
    He is also really quirky and funny, And I loved the storylines he was given… especially with River Song and then the Angles take Manhattan (balls of tears!)
    His are the episodes I sit and watch as a cheer up if I need something to smile at! :)

    Natasha K
  • Tom Baker, his appearance in “The Day Of The Doctor” was a pleasent surprise.
    2nd choice would be Christopher Eccleston, for bringing The Doctor back. Shame he only stayed for the one series.

    JW Roche
  • Tom Baker or Matt Smith

    Nicola Donnell
  • My favourite doctor had to be David tennant although I am strangely liking Jodie foster too

  • Tom baker hes very humorous and did some very classic episodes

  • John Pertwee and David Tennant were both iconic

    Susan Mottram
  • David Tennant he brought a laddish likeability to the part of a centuries-old alien!

  • I’d have to say David Tennant his range was fantastic from quietly emotion to seething anger and happy and charismatic to thruly sinister a true representation the many lives inside an every changing shell best doctor ever fact.

  • I would have to choose Matt Smith, I enjoyed the darker episodes, I believe that Smith added depth to the character in ways we haven’t seen before especially after Angles take Manhattan (complete heart break!) His relationships with his companions were to me deeper and better, we were able to see the love he had for them.

    Heather Rose Gibson Ryan
  • David Tennant is my favourite, he is awesome

    Kimberley jane
  • I started watching Doctor Who as David Tennant became the Doctor, because he got me into the series he is my favourite.

    Kirsty Wotherspoon
  • David Tennant for sure

  • David Tennant was the best ever Doctor, narrowly pipping Pertwee at the post. He brought so many nuances of character and charisma to the part. Shame about Rose though (yawn)….

    Carol Phile
  • It has to be Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor. He was superb

    Karen Kirk

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