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Adam We 
Self-Proclaimed Potterhead, Game of Thrones Fan & All Round Charming Irish Chap 

The Wait is Almost Over for Stranger Things Season 3

After what seems like an eternity, Stranger Things Season 3 is almost upon us - and we can’t wait to binge the latest episodes which are hitting Netflix on the 4th of July! 

The first season was a feast for the senses, an awesome 80’s vibe with a mash-up of pop-culture references, a spooky storyline and a group of kids played by surprisingly talented actors who everyone loves – especially Dustin, right? Season 2 kept the retro roller-coaster on track with more of the same action, not to mention another awesome soundtrack! Many fans complained that it was too much of the same and that the show didn’t pursue a new story arc, personally I was able to look past that and got exactly what I wanted, more amazing Stranger Things! 

The directors had said that they were planning on making Season 2 an add on, or ‘bigger’ Season 1, and I believe they delivered on that – no doubt Season 3 will give any disappointed fans a reason to fall back in love with the Netflix show. In the wise words of Jim Hopper “Nothing is gonna go back to the way that it was. Not really. But it’ll get better. In time.”

Spoiler Alert! We Spoil You with Stranger Things Gifts

If like us you’ve already re-watched Season 1 and 2 of Stranger Things, then stop twiddling your thumbs in anticipation of more action from the town of Hawkins and check out our Stranger Things Competition! We’ve got some top-notch Stranger Things Gifts up for grabs and entering couldn’t be easier!

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