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The Puurrfect Pusheen Giveaway!

The Puurrfect Pusheen Giveaway!

It's nearly the weekend - and we're celebrating with a Pusheen giveaway!

Calling all fans of Pusheen!

Would you like to be the proud owner of our finest and most popular Pusheen merchandise? Of course you would!

Excited to hear more about the giveaway?

That's why we are giving you the chance to enter our Puurrfect Pusheen Giveaway, and this week we're not holding back!

 Pusheen giveaway is waiting for its new home!

Included in our competition this week is a Pusheen plush, Pusheen eye mask, Pusheen mug and socks set, Pusheen puffy sticker set and a super soft Pusheen notebook!

To enter the giveaway, simply: 

1. Click here to subscribe to our Retro Styler blog - this means you will have access to all of the latest TV, film and gaming gossip, news and must-have merchandise. If you're already a subscriber then great.. move on to step 2!

2. Comment below - once you've tapped your email address into the subscription box, drop us a line in the comments below, telling us why Pusheen is your favourite...

3. Absolutely nothing - once all that is done, just sit and wait to see if your name has been selected this coming Monday 6th August 2018. Make sure you're constantly checking your emails (and spam folders) in order to claim your prize if you are the lucky winner!

**If you're already a dedicated Retro Styler fan and are currently subscribed to the blog but want to enter this - make sure you leave us a comment below to be in with a chance!**

Pusheen wants you to win!

Just make sure you subscribe here to enter!

With a retail price of over £50, this precious bundle is sure to please the most dedicated of Friends fans!


14 thoughts on “The Puurrfect Pusheen Giveaway!

  1. avatar Hayley says:

    Pusheen is my favourite because it’s the most adorable cat ever!🐱🐱

  2. avatar Grace Richardson says:

    Plusheen is always a win because the characters are all so adorable, anything with plusheen on it is sure to brighten your mood, whatever you are doing! :)

  3. avatar Emanuel Parment says:

    Subscribed since some time ago. Ever since I got my first pusheen plush I’ve thought it’s the cutest cat ever. Would love to put this in the shelf with the other stuff I have.

  4. avatar Mia Fairfield says:

    Squeeeeeee!!!!! This stuff is so darn cute 😍

  5. avatar Amelia says:

    I love plusheen because I relate so much. I absolutely adore cats and I even have pieces of clothing with plusheen on. I’d die with happiness if I got this because I love plusheen sooooo much!!

  6. avatar Angelique says:

    I love pusheen who wouldn’t love a cat that eats her favorite foods and all around it adorable. I would love to add these goodies to my pusheen collection 😻

  7. avatar Shannon Crystal says:

    Pusheen is fat, cute and makes me smile. :)

  8. avatar Craig templeton says:

    He is so cute

  9. avatar Loretta says:

    Fingers crossed we love pusheen in our house 😻

  10. avatar Emma says:

    Pushed reminds me of my cats. The best cats are always the strange ones! If only my cats are pizza

  11. avatar Andreea Iancu says:

    Pusheen it’s so cute and funny. My favorite gif it’s the one from the post.

  12. avatar Carolina says:

    Pusheen is just the cutest cat there is! I just love how he’s portrayed with two whiskers instead of three like usual

  13. avatar Ali Duke says:

    I’m already subscribed :) my daughter and I both love Pusheen. I wanna be that cat, seems to have a great life lol.

  14. avatar Sue McDonnell says:

    Pusheen is my step daughters absolute favourite. It’s her tenth birthday coming up in a couple of weeks (the big 10!) And she would FREAK out if she had this! ❤

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