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Adam We 
Self-Proclaimed Potterhead, Game of Thrones Fan & All Round Charming Irish Chap 

Pusheen Summer Give-Away

The Tubby Tabby

Pusheen originally appeared in 2010 as a character in a Webcomic called “Everyday Cute”, the brainchild of Claire Belton and Andrew Duff. The adorable cartoon cat has since become an internet sensation and worldwide celebkitty, whose sole purpose seems to be to make people laugh and smile. Pusheen has racked up almost 9.2 million Facebook fans and 1.6 million followers on Instagram, the tubby tabby is also hugely popular on Tumblr and Twitter!

For anyone who doesn’t know who Pusheen is, you will almost definitely recognise her from the animated stickers used on Facebook and Instagram – yes, this cat is unavoidable on social media! Pusheen’s creators based the character on Belton’s childhood cat, a chubby grey cat who was adopted from a shelter and given her name which comes from the Irish word “puisín”, or “kitten/kitty” in English.

You Wanna Pizza Me?

We have an amazing array of Pusheen Gifts here at Retro Styler and we want to give you the chance to get your paws on some of this pawesome merch worth over £60 for free!

Get creative and with our Pusheen Puffy Stickers Set and Pusheen Plush Notebook, keep your public Pusheen pride alive with this Pusheen Plush Zip-Close Wristlet and Pusheen Tumbler and save up for your next Retro Styler Pusheen Purchase using this fantastic Pusheen Ceramic Money Box!

Pusheen Gift Collection

We're really Pusheen the limits with this purrrfect giveaway and it's easy to enter, check out the instructions below to avoid CATastrophe!

How to Enter Our Pusheen Competition

Step 01

Subscribe to The Retro Styler Blog & Give Email Permissions. You want to see what Pusheen Products arrive next, right? Once you've done this simply add us to your email 'Safe Senders' list so you don't miss out!

Step 02

Pusheen likes a wide variety of food, what would you eat with Pusheen if you spent a day together? Let us know in the BLOG COMMENTS below! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for brownie points!

We'll announce the winner of this pawsitively brilliant prize right here on Monday, so make sure to check back and don't freak meowt if you're the lucky one!

For now though, sit back and enjoy some entertainment courtesy of Pusheen! 



  • Happy Monday Pusheen Pals!

    This competition is now Officially Closed.

    Well well, this was certainly a popular one and it’s clear to see that there are a LOT of Pusheen fans out there. Before we announce the winner you’ll want to Bookmark this page and feast your eyes on our Full Pusheen Collection: with over 100 Pusheen Gifts to choose from!

    Anyway, now for the FREE Pusheen Merch on offer. This week’s Retro Styler and Winner of our Pusheen Give-Away is….

    Hollie ***********************

    We do love a good Pusheen Pun, Hollie! Congratulations, we’ll be emailing you shortly with instructions on how to claim these awesome prizes.

    Thanks so much to everyone else for sharing the love and getting involved in our Pusheen Give-Away. If you didn’t win this time, brush it off and keep coming back for more!

    Be sure to Add us to your Email Safe Senders list and keep checking that inbox for more awesome Competitions.

    Until then, stay retro folks! xoxo

    Retro Styler
  • I would have with pusheen a big sushi party and for dessert a big creamy cake and finish it off with a green tea to digest it all

    Claire emery
  • I would make a proper buffet!! Cute little sandwiches, cocktail sausages, mini pizzas, cakes and I would decorate it all and make it look like a cute little party!!!! 🥳❤️🐈

    Bergen Ayla Kolukisa
  • I would definitely eat pizza and chips with Pusheen all day! 🥰🍕🍟 X

    Kate Williams
  • I’d share some spaghetti! 😙

  • I would take Pusheen on a tour of Scottish cuisine, battered pizza and mars bars. Haggis bonbons, raspberry cranachen, smokies, Bridies, butteries. It would be glorious and fattening!

    Gill Bleach
  • I would take Pusheen on a tour of Scottish cuisine, battered pizza and mars bars. Haggis bonbons, raspberry cranachen, smokies, Bridies, butteries. It would be glorious and fattening!

    Gill Bleach
  • I would eat crisps and pizza

  • I would definitely eat all of the sweet things with pusheen – lots of ice cream because it’s so warm and some doughnuts and sweets afterwards!

  • I would definitely eat all of the sweet things with pusheen – lots of ice cream because it’s so warm and some doughnuts and sweets afterwards!

  • Pizza and sushi and ice cream oh my! 😍😍

  • Doughnuts with lots of colourful sprinkles.

    Kerry H
  • She loves her sweet treats so definitely CAKE 🎂CAKE 🎂 and more CAKE!!🍰 Also lots of different flavour ice cream 🍦🍨 Yummy!

  • Well I live in Cornwall so got to be a cream tea and a pasty.

    Kimberley Kemp
  • Carrot cake and salted caramel ice cream

    Char Gifford
  • 🍦 ice cream

  • Pusheen and I would have a Chinese takeaway. Salt and chilli chicken balls, chicken chow mein and curry sauce and then some ice cream to finish! ❤

    Laura McWhannell
  • Dairy free Ben and Jerry’s icecream Cos I’m lactose intolerant 😅 but lots and lots of chocolate and crisps 💕

  • pizza ,garlic bread and coleslaw followed by cheesecake ,ice cream,doughnuts and chocolate yum yum

    donna skelton
  • Me and Pusheen would go to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and eat everything there, then we’d visit all the drive trus and order burgers, southern fried chicken and pizzas!

    Rebecca McIntosh
  • Icecream!Lots of icecream! :p x

    Sara Bellisio
  • Ice cream 🍦

  • I would eat ringed donuts with Pusheen. We are both lazy and love treats.

  • I would be sharing my birthday cheesecake with Pusheen!

    Katie Gudgeon
  • I’d dunk some cookies in milk with Pusheen – Pusheen is the best!!!

    leoni rudge
  • Omg!!! I love pusheen! My spirit animal 😍

  • I’d eat cookies with pusheen. I’ve seen pusheen’s excellent dough-kneeding skills!

    Michelle C
  • I would eat all sorts with pusheen burgers Ben and Jerry’s pizza Hut anything all the party food because I’m gonna be pusheen it to the limit 😂😂

  • Vegan junk food!

  • Donuts, cakes and ice cream!

    Julie dixon
  • Burgers and pizza! :3

  • Cake, pizza and ice cream :)

    Jaymie Meadows
  • I would eat pizza, puddings, chicken, all the noms basically!

  • I would eat banana milkshake with pusheen

  • I would binge eat pizza and pasta with Pusheen.

    Sarah Wilson
  • We’d snuggle up to watch Garfield, while eating minty ice cream & popcorn & sharing a lasagne! (Because all cats love lasagne!😆) 🍿 🎥 ✌🏻

    Jemma Dolan
  • Pizza, cookies and ice-cream

  • Donut sushi or pizza i lovee pusheen a lot😃😀

  • Sushi pizza or sweets like cake and donought

  • Pizza and ice cream

  • Pizza and donuts 🐱🍕🍩

    Becky Poupard
  • I would definitely share some cookie dough ice cream since it’s summer and watermelon! 🍦🍉😋

    Katie Maughan
  • Pizza, ice cream and chocolate

    Rachel Quinn
  • Pizza and ice cream

    Kathy astbury
  • Pizza and lasagna 😋

    Rachel fawcett
  • It would have to be pizza ice cream and donuts!
    Naomi Bell
  • Pizza, crisps, chocolate , sweets & ice cream

    Clare Wilson
  • Pizza, chocolate, donuts.

  • I would eat a rump steak well done jacket potatoe with mayonnaise and salad.on a kitchen table so pusheen could sit on the top with me and we can dine in style by candlelight

    Patsy hassan
  • Ice cream with marshmallows and sprinkles topped with mini donuts and lots of pink sauce.

  • Got to be pizza and doughnuts.. unicorn doughnuts

    Rebecca Algar
  • I would eat sweet foods like cake, chocolate and marshmallows- especially as Pusheen looks like a big marshmallow!!

  • Honey bbq glazed chicken and mashed potatoes followed by warm chocolate brownies topped with vanilla ice cream, nuts, caramel and hot fudge sauce

    Nicola Donnell
  • Pizza and donuts!!!

    Charlotte went
  • Victoria sponge cake 🍰 with a side of whipped cream and extra strawberries 🍓

  • Pancakes and with blueberries and maple syrup!

  • Pusheen & me would spend the day eating all my favourites. So for breakfast we’d have croissants & nutella with a glass of orange juice. For lunch we would have my favourite food halloumi & lots of it, with some pitta bread & tzatziki. Then for dinner it would be brown stewed beef with rice & peas, coleslaw, plantain & boiled dumplings washed down with pineapple juice with sparkling water. Finally we need a pudding of course which would be pecan roulade! I hope I wouldn’t make you feel sick with all that food!!
    (I don’t have Instagram to share, sorry.)

    Beth Ryan
  • Pusheen and I would eat chocolate chip cookies and some milkshake

  • We would eat spaghetti meatball pizza and doughnuts. Yum

    Michelle J
  • Me and pushers would eat lots and lots of pizza!! * meow

    Kate Louise Hudson
  • Pizza and popcorn

  • I absolutely adore Pusheen! I would eat cake and pizza with her <3

    Alex Walters
  • I love Pusheen! I’ve always wanted to win something pushed themed, I especially loved the valentine video

    Hollie Winder
  • Pizza and chicken nuggets! 🍕 🍗

  • I would eat fish and chips with pusheen

    Nikola McCloskey
  • Thanks for the chance, my wee daughter loves Pusheen :D

    Ana Nunes
  • Pusheen and I would eat pizza and beer battered onion rings!

  • Pusheen and I would eat popcorn topped with chocolates and sweets!! Then a pizza.. maybe a Chinese Haha

  • Pizza, ice cream, cookies, noodles, then maybe some crisps (potato chips) and popcorn just so we don’t get hungrym

    Frances Sones
  • Pusheen and I would eat so much pizza and so many donuts! 😻🍕🍩

    Aimee Crampton
  • Pizza and ice cream!!

  • Any Chinese food

  • Cake and ice cream

  • Lasagna and garlic bread … yummy !!! 😍❤

    Samantha Robinson
  • I would eat popcorn with pusheen while watching a film =^-^=

  • Me and pusheen would eat lots of tacos

    Holly harmsworth
  • Pusheen and I would eat pizza and chicken wings


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