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The Most Searched Film Titles of 2017 May Come As No Surprise

Okay, so maybe a little bit of a random one today, but whilst I was doing some research for this blog I stumbled on the most searched film titles of 2017 (according to Google) and as most of the films have retro vibes, I saw it only fit to write a whole blog post dedicated to them.

Just a random actor munching on some popcorn

Is Your Favourite Film Featured? Let Us Know!

I also thought it'd be a good chance to ponder which films might make the list for 2018 so far... 

So without further ado, let the countdown commence!

5. Justice League: Released November 2017  

The Justice League film poster

Full of well-loved DC action, this film saw Wonder Woman and Batman working swiftly to recruit a strong team to take a stand against their newly found enemy. Although they are quick to form the team, the question as to whether the clan are too late to save the plant still looms as they attempt to save the world from catastrophic destruction. 

4. Get Out: Released March 2017

Screenplay from the thriller of 2017, Get Out

Perhaps one of the most anticipated thrillers of 2017, Get Out provided a clever plot which proved to be equally terrifying and funny. Centered around a couple who finally reach the "meet-the-parents" stage, this film takes a dark turn when Chris stays with Rose's parents for the weekend.

3. Wonder Woman: Released June 2017

The Amazonian Princess strikes her power pose

After her first appearance as Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman, Israeli actress Gal Gadot slays yet again in her own film. Following the Amazonian Princess as she attempts to stop the World War, this film was hailed the "much-needed" smash success for the DC franchise. There is little doubt that Gadot's performance is anything less than spectacular, as she proves women can be strong and fearless whilst also being empathetic. 

2. Beauty and the Beast: Released March 2017

Wonderful screenplay from the beautiful live action Beauty and the Beast film

With a lot of expectation hanging on it's shoulders, it is of no surprise that the Beauty and the Beast remake was the second most searched film of 2017. This live-action masterpiece successfully portrayed the same wonderful story of the original with fresh characters and music. I have to admit I was a bit nervous when Emma Watson was announced to be Belle, was I just going to be thinking Hermione throughout? But I was definitely proven wrong! The film may have been risky, but proved to be a resounding success as it was named "one of Disney's most profitable gambles".

1. IT: Released September 2017

Screenplay from the most searched film title of 2017: IT

Despite being released later on in the year, this didn't stop IT becoming 2017's most searched film title. Based on the 1986 novel written by Stephen King, the film IT follows a group of young friends as they overcome their own fears in order to successfully defeat the relentless terror of a horrifying clown, Pennywise (literally my worst nightmare). IT was also the fifth most profitable film of 2017, with its total net profit totaling a cool $293.7M. More recently, it has been announced that IT: Chapter 2 is reportedly being filmed this month and is due to be released in September 2019 - so if you haven't had enough of the ancient, bloodthirsty clown, there is more to come (YAY!)

Which Releases Will Become the Most Searched Films of 2018?

With so many awesome films released this year; Deadpool 2, Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, Peter Rabbit, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Tomb Raider (honestly the list could go on...), it is hard to tell which films will become the most searched of 2018.

With this said, there are still so many films to come. With titles like Incredibles 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Mission: Impossible - Fallout and a Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again set to hit our screens this year, it could be said that 2018 may prove to be the most successful yet competitive year of cinema in a while. 

What Films Are You Excited to See This Year? Have Your Say!

Whether you have always been a cinema-goer who has to see the latest release, or are looking to venture out to the cinema a little bit more this year - you probably couldn't have picked a better year!

That's why we want to know the best new release you have seen this year and which film you are seriously excited about which is due to be unveiled later on in the year? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!