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If you didn’t already know there was going to be another Terminator film… Uhhhh, where have you been?!


Deadpool’s Tim Miller is set to direct the newest addition to the iconic classics with creator James Cameron hot on his toes as the producer. OF COURSE Arnie is making a come back – because really, what would The Terminator be without Arnie?!


Diego Boneta is said to be joining the iconic clan. Boneta has appeared in numerous films like Mean Girls 2 and Rock of Ages – although we have NO idea what kind of role he is playing, there is little doubt it takes a lot to live up to King Arnie…

To be honest we don’t know an awful lot about anything to do with the film, except for the fact it will continue the story from Terminator 2.

Due to hit out screens around November 2019, we are sitting tight here at Retro Styler HQ and really cannot wait!

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