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Please the Biggest Badasses With Our Top Merchandise Picks

Badasses... Yeah, we all know one (and if you don't know one, you are one...)

Notoriously difficult to buy for, it's safe to say that your standard pair of socks will not impress any true badass. Uncompromising and commonly intimidating, badasses can prove to be extremely hard to please. However, there is no need to fret - for we are here to save the day! Again...

Whether it's that badasses' birthday, graduation or there is no particular reason why you feel like treating them, we've got the ultimate gift guide which is sure to wow even the most toughest of critics.

The Ultimate Gift Guide to Impress Even the Most Toughest of Critics

The Terminator means business and this head replica is no exception The Terminator is notoriously badass, and this hand goblet is no exception  The Terminator is a serious badass and this head goblet is no exception

 T-800 Terminator Head Replica - £47.99, Terminator 2 Hand Goblet - £23.99, Terminator 2 Head Goblet - £27.99

The badass you're buying for may not have red eyes when online, however, our selection of Terminator merchandise is sure to please. With it's incredible detail, the head replica, hand goblet and head goblet are both practical (apparently) and seriously cool.

Make Gift Giving Easy With Retro Styler

Awesome PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane VR Drone is the ultimate gadget which is sure to please Our awesome gadgets for those hard to please peeps...  Awesome PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane VR Drone is the ultimate gadget which is sure to please

PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane VR Drone - £199.99

Ok, so this item is a little pricier than our usual offering, but sometimes you really do have to push the boat out to please the most harsh of critics. Simply use the funky cardboard VR headset provided by placing your own phone into the device and then you become the pilot to your own paper airplane's destiny! Simply tilt your head side to side & up and down to delicately control the path of this amazing drone powered device. With multiple templates included, you can design your plane in anyway you want too and with suitability for beginners and experienced pilots, this device is practically impossible to crash. 

Check out more of our fancy gadgets and gizmos here...

Officially licensed and officially awesome Game of Thrones tankard Officially licensed Men's Game of Thrones T-Shirt  Officially licensed Game of Thrones Jon Snow USB Memory Stick

Game of Thrones Tankard - £47.99, Game of Thrones Black T-Shirt - £14.99, Game of Thrones Jon Snow USB Stick - £16.95

Known for it's cut throat antics (which can be difficult to watch at times - especially the slaying of poor Jon Snow *heart break and tears*), I simply could not leave Game of Thrones off the list of most suitable badass gifts! From our tankards, goblets, tees and gadgets, we have an awesome collection of the very best and of course, officially licensed merchandise known to man!

Shop the rest of our Game of Thrones goodies right here...

Never Struggle to Please With Gifts Ever Again!

So, whether you know you're hard to please and are looking to splash the cash and treat yo'self, or you're trying to find that perfect gift for the incredibly challenging relative or friend - we have well and truly got you covered.

Oh, and by the way, our awesome merchandise selection doesn't stop there, we've got plenty of other collections waiting to be discovered on our website right now!

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