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The Game of Thrones Targaryen House Goblet Give-Away

Luca Muca
A sad, strange little man...

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It's been over three months since Jon Snow of House Stark (AKA Aegon Targaryen!) went and messed it all up, sort of! Daenerys Targaryen seriously lost her rag and did the unthinkable to poor ol' King's Landing... Winter may be creeping up on us here, but in Westeros Winter has well and truly past (Sob!)

It was quite a ride, wasn't it!? With so many favourite moments to choose from over Game of Thrones' 8 Seasons, it's hard to pick just one - so let's be upfront right away here and say that I'm not going to ask you what you favourite Episode or GoT moment is. 

Sorry about that, Drogo!

I have to say that the ending to Game of Thrones didn't completely satisfy me, but then again I'm the 'Happy Ending Type'. 

Maybe I grew up with too much Disney, and I really don't know what I was expecting but the ending to Season 8 left me feeling a bit sad for Jon Boy and yeah, I suppose Daenerys too... ok, ok - AND Drogo!

That said, I didn't sign the Petition and I certainly couldn't write anything better so I take what I am given and stand by Game of Thrones as one of the best shows I have ever seen on TV. 

Win Our Most-Coveted Game of Thrones Goblet

The Game of Thrones House Targaryen Goblet

Now I realise that not all GoT fans were 100% happy with the ending of Game of Thrones, nor Season 8 as a whole for that matter (hence the petition), and if that's the case here's your big chance to put up or shut up... and win this amazing Game of Thrones Collector's Targaryen House Goblet. 

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We'll be announcing our favourite author and winner right here in the blog comments below, on Monday 2nd September, but before you go here are a few badass scenes from the epic Game of Thrones series.