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The Fantastic Friends Competition: Our Central Perk Gift Give-Away

Adam We 
Self-Proclaimed Potterhead, Game of Thrones Fan & All Round Charming Irish Chap 

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV Show Logo

Who Needs Friends Anyway?

As you will probably know, Central Perk is the famous Café from Friends - the TV show that everyone has watched and re-watched since 1994! The six main characters spent a vast amount of time in Central Perk and both Rachel and Joey both ended up working there at some stage! The Friends even had their favourite sofa which they considered their property, becoming rather upset when others had the audacity to sit there! (It also probably made filming on set very easy!) 

Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey had many memorable moments in their home city of New York, although Chandler briefly moved to Yemen (15 Yemen Road, Yemen, to be exact!), and Central Perk for the most part was their main hangout!

Joey Doesn't Share Food!

Joey Tribbiani famously does not like to share his food. Aside from his acting and erm, dating (sort of), food is something that Joey is most passionate about! Luckily for you, we're a generous lot here at Retro Styler and we've got almost £60 worth of Friends Gifts that we are willing to share with one lucky winner! 

Buy Friends Gifts Online at

After a long day at work, you can kick back on your own sofa and get cosy with this very Large Central Perk Coffee Mug, although if indulging in a stronger beverage you may need to use a special Central Perk Bottle Opener! If it's your birthday Joey might even give you a free muffin! Hitting the streets of New York (if only in your head), you'll want to act the part and look the part, so before going into the map you'll need this awesome Friends Tote Bag and Central Perk Baseball Cap!

Paper! Snow! A Ghost! - Wrong Answer! Check Out The Instructions Below on How To Win!

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Step 02

Tell us your favourite thing about Central Perk in the BLOG COMMENTS Below! The more detail, the better! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for Muffin points!

We'll announce the winner of our Fantastic Friends Give-Away right here in the Blog Comments below on Monday, so be sure to check back and see if you're 'The One With All the Awesome Friends Gifts!'.

Until then, have a great weekend, don't forget to PIVOT and see if you have the time to enjoy this hour-long Friends Bloopers Reel...

Watch Over 1 Hour Full of Friends Bloopers


  • It was so sad when friends ended but to no avail watch it on ch 5 they’re on a break Ross my fav

    Margaret Simpson
  • I always love the fact the couch is always empty for the friends gang no one sits on it but them, except in one episode where it was taken so the gang just left, they spend so much time in their they must hardly work and be jittery with all that coffee

    Gillian Hay
  • Hey guys!

    We hope you all had a fab weekend. Could we BE anymore excited to announce this week’s Retro Styler and Friends Competition Winner??!

    ………………………………………. Debbie Kempster ……………………………………….

    CONGRATULATIONS Debbie, your lifelong obsession with Friends has finally paid off – a youth well-spent you might say! We’ll be in touch soon to give you the details on how to claim your awesome Friends Prizes.

    We’d just like to say to you all, that we have absolutely loved reading all of your comments over the weekend and it’s so nice to see that this amazing Sitcom has touched so many people’s lives in such a positive way. Here at Retro Styler we adore Friends and will always keep our eyes peeled for the very best Friends Merchandise – so stay tuned and stay retro!

    See ya Pals!


    Retro Styler
  • What an amazing prize! Even tho I’d want this for myself I’d love to win for my best friend! It’s her birthday soon and she would literally die!

    Friends is so iconic. They serve a comfort for every mood. Feeling down? Stick it on! Want a giggle? Stick it on!

    My favourite thing about central perk is that it symbolises happiness, strength and trust. It’s about coming together, being there for each other, celebrating each other and supporting each other. It is the true meaning of friendship ❤️

    Chloe speed
  • Love friends my absolute fave grew up watching it,ut never gets old. central perk symbolises everything I do with my friends go for coffee have good chat and give each other advice after all what would we do without friends.

  • Absolutely love friends in general and central Perk is where it all happens, I’m constantly watching the show I’m even watching it now 😂 would love this swag

  • Friends for me symbolises my past present and future, it’s a show I have grown with, I was 9 when it started and now at 34 I still laugh just as much (probably more because I understand more of the jokes). When I met my husband friends was one of the first things we chatted about …. the ice breaker we needed to get a conversation flowing! I love Chandler, he is always going to be my fave but I see a bit of the 6 of them in me and that’s why the show is still relatable 25 years!! #friendsforever

    Clare Eaton
  • Central perk is iconic- everyone knows what the logo is! Friends is my absolute favourite. I grew up with it & now my kids are too. My humour was very much shaped by chandler & ross, both of who are my favourites! I would love this set 🤞🤞🤞

    Laura Wright
  • Work isn’t as important as spending quality time with Friends over coffee and gossip. We absolutely love Friends. Have watched every episode countless times. I grew up with it. Was devastated when it ended. Even in New York looking for a Gunther lookalike to serve me a scone/muffin and a coffee in a big mug!

    Michelle Jones
  • I love friends! I’m just like Joey….. I dont share my food either. My favourite episode was the cheese cake episode where they was eating it off the floor 🤣❤

    Kimberley jane
  • Central perk is such a friendly chilled out environment. Who cares about work when u can sit in central perk with your mates and drink coffee and eat cakes 🍰. I love friends so much I sit and watch all the series on Netflix over and over again and never get bored of it. Best show around just a shame they didn’t make more

  • I love friends , it is one of the greatest comedy shows and never fails to cheer me up. But the thing I love most about central perk is the look, it has amazing style.

    Bethany Haight
  • Love central perk and friends cus it’s in New York. Would love to go to Friendsfest.

    Megan rose
  • Wow, where do I begin… there’s been days where I’ve felt so down and I’ve turned to friends to cheer myself up. It’s amazing to see how one place like central perk can fix a number of problems in the show and in reality. The characters go through many problems in the show which we can go through in our day to day life and they always resolve them mainly at central perk. This has always been my favourite show… no matter how many times I re watch it, I still laugh. Even when I’m at work I watch it but don’t worry I won’t get fired because we were on a break!

    Gursharan gill
  • What I love about Central Park is u can be who you want to be and no one will judge, its a place were u can meet friends and just be you a d have fun

    Nina Collins
  • I love that central perk means loads to all the characters and to the audience, although a fictional place it feels real with the memories each episode created.
    I love that it all started at central park, we then watched their lives together grow and as it ended with them going for one last coffee there. we’d seen break ups and make ups, children arrive, careers grow, and lots of Janice! It reminds me of friendship and togetherness.
    I cant help but think of central perk everytime I see an orange sofa, an over sized coffee cup or an anxious bride in a puffy white dress.

  • What I love most about Central Perk is how you can just be you.
    No need to feel like you’ve got to act or dress a certain way, no anxiety, no feeling uncomfortable and just being able to sit back, relax with a beautiful cup of coffee & spend quality time with your friends/family.
    It’s just like home & as we all say, there’s no place like home 💖

  • What I love about Central Perk is just everything. The show that it represents, all the cast and crew that work there. The characters there are amazing. It sells food and beverages and Gunther (Central Perk 😂) is serving which makes it even better. This set of the show is just incredible and everyone knows that this was the main place and everyone knows what it looks like and that it represents F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Just seeing the logo, you know where you are. 👍

    Would love to win this bundle, it looks amazing 😍

    Shabanna Boyles
  • It sells coffee and cake what’s not to love

    Jazz Fulcher
  • I love friends and my favourite characters are Rachel, Phoebe Ross , chandler, Joey & Monica.
    I have the box set & watched it many times, but when I get bored of changing the discs I watch it back to back on Netflix, I have a friends backpack and coin purse and 2 nighties, but want to get more merchandise, and my niece is also a big fan, would love to go to new York & would also love to tour the set.

    Gemma Rigley
  • I think my favourite thing about central perk is that it shows that you can find you’re own little family and that yous will always have people who will accept you for the true you. It gives you that hope that one day things will turn out for you, even if it’s in a way you never expected it to. It shows the real meaning behind the saying “things happen for a reason” because in friends everything that happens in their life’s always seems to work out in the end. Friends has to be that most powerful serious to give people hope and always make them laugh.

    P.S. I wouldn’t of had a choice to not like it as my girlfriend is obsessed with it and made me binge watch all of it when I had just moved in with her. Although she never new that I had watched the series more then once 😂

    Shantelle suttie
  • Central Perk is where all the magic happens aside from Monica and Joey’s apartments, they come together to share big news and introduce their new partners or have a gossip or a cry.

    Its also where Ross and Chandler lost their seats to two bullies haha! Classic. That’s the Sheldon Cooper equivalent of their spot.

    I really want to visit Central Perk because of this show, Central Perk to me like I said, is where the magic happens ^^

    And Chandler licking the last muffin so Monica coulsnt happen has just came to mind also, so much comedy gold in that coffee shop _

    Lia Warburton
  • My favourite comedy programme of all time I have friends pj pen book my favourite actor is Matthew leblanc hes great in friends

    Diana goring
  • Gunther wanting Rachel and calling the WiFi password ihateross made me laugh a lot

  • Friends is life. It’s constantly on in the background at home. It’s on in my room then I go downstairs and I put on. I can sit and watch it all the time no matter how many times I’ve seen all 10 seasons. I quote it a lot and not many people get me 😅 most relatable is joey doesn’t share food 😂

    Taylor Mulhern
  • I Love Friends! Central Perk brings them all together, and it’s one place where some great laughs, secrets and tears are had by not only the cast to the audience watching.

    Isla Edwards
  • It’s amazing show I love it 🥰 I hv watched the box set that many times I have lost count I would love to win this I’m off to the Manchester friends fest this Monday … french joey is my favourite episode 💖💖💖

  • I am only entering this for my sister as she is a huge fan of friends. Every time it is aired on T.V she would always watch it on the couch downstairs or in her bedroom. She is a lucky person to have a sister like me. Good luck to her & every one who has entered.

    Rebecca Erikson
  • It’s where they all are! Happy, sad or funny, they always find each other there. And no-one ever sits in their seats! 😀

    carla Maloney
  • It’s gotta be Gunther! Me and my mates all grew up watching Friends and have continued to re-watch the episodes over and over throughout the years.

    I love the main characters and the cool Cafe scene in general, but Gunther just adds that touch of comedy that makes it perfectly balanced.

    Jamie C
  • Absolutely love friends already have some PJ’s from Primark 😂
    Was my life saver towards the end of my pregnancy was happy bopping along on my birthing ball watching friends on the Tele and completely felt for Rachel when Emma wouldn’t budge ! Lost count of how many times I’ve watched every season and will miss it when it disappears off Netflix , my 1 year old even recognises the music I watch it so much and he even tries to do the clap haha! Would be awesome to win this little giveaway 😁

    Stacey earrye
  • I absolutely adore Friends. Nothing like putting an episode (or six) on when I’m having a bad chronic illness flare and my concentration sucks because of pain. I’ve seen it so many times and it never fails to bring a smile to my face when that feels completely impossible.

    Phee Elizabeth
  • Absolutely love friends! It is without a doubt one of the best programmes I have ever seen and I have lost count of how many times I have watched all 10 series! Does not matter how many times u watch it, still laugh like it’s the first time! These prizes are amazing n I would love to win so fingers crossed 🤞 esp the fridge magnet, that would complete me kitchen mate 😜😂

  • I love friends! Funny to watch and so entertaining! I swear I’ve watch the whole 10 seasons a million times and they never get old! Friends is a program that will outlive most of us <3

  • I love friends! Funny to watch and so entertaining! I swear I’ve watch the whole 10 seasons a million times and they never get old! Friends is a program that will outlive most of us <3

  • I love the show friends ,cool episodes with such a great cast and great celebrities on the show , I watch on the TV repeats and I have complete DVD collection so watch when ever I want to , these would be a cool prize to win I hope iam lucky to win this awsome brilliant prize of friends merdzicise I’ve watched the clip love the show so funny and entertaining and you always need friends in your life friends got to be there for each other like these friends are there for each other on the show awsome to see on a great TV show friend ship great right

    Sally craig
  • Honestly I just love how it can bring people together and allows everyone to make great memories with friends and family. The service at central perk is great and the staff are always so kind. Friends is really the best tv show ever to be honest :))

  • I love the vibe about Central Perk. If it’s hot, the gang are there. If it’s cold, the gang are there. It’s an all round friendly environment. It’s the place we first met the gang.

  • I love how familiar is feels cos of how many episodes I’ve seen them in and how inviting and cosy it looks

    Lucy Phelps
  • I love how cosy and friendly it is, with Pheobe playing guitar and big cups of coffee! And a nice comfy sofa to relax after work! You might over hear Ross yelling “we were on a break!” Or one of Chandlers jokes, maybe get served by Rachel or get a free muffin from Joey, then later pop to Monica’s restaurant for some dinner!

  • I love what a cosy a little place it is with the mis-matched mugs. I love that they also get the sofa (apart from that one time ;-)) I love that because of the era it was a place to go and hang out and talk to your friends where as if it was around now it would be full of people with their faces stuck in their phones and laptops and there wouldn’t be much chatter at all.

    Holly G
  • Favorite things about central perk are definitely the style, I love the brick and the warmth and the style! Now that when I rewatch friends I just love how simple times where.

  • I love the layout and how cozy it is it’s a good place for friends to chat and catch up on stuff together such a good atamosohere.

  • The whole of Central Perk I love the sofas, the cups they get big servings of coffee in. Central Perk is a coffee shop that I have looked for ever since I started going for coffees at coffee shops. I love Gunter & how he was always there.

    Vanessa Alvis
  • Just the place in general. Friends wouldn’t be the same without the coffee house ❤

  • The thing I like about central perk is how chill it is, they allow pets in there, they accept pets in there. They also keep Rachel for 2/3 years when she’s a terrible waitress. It’s just such a relaxed environment.

    Jess Faulkner
  • I love the copper coffee machines. There is just something so New York about them. And Gunthers hair of course, brighter than the sun!

    Amy Button
  • My favourite part of Central Perk is the sofa and the way it brings the group of friends closer together. Some of the best times had been had on that sofa, from laughing together to listening to Pheobe sing her songs, to lovers first kisses and embarrassing shorts moments. That sofa has seen it all. A real symbol of true friendship where you can all get together, drink the wrong drink Rachel brought you or lick the mug of a previous customer and just be with friends. No one can stop them friends from enjoying time together, not even the 2 men who try!

  • The best thing about Central Perk is that Gunther allows pets in there! From Marcel to Pheobes mom reincarnated as a cat, to Pheobes birth moms pug to Chappie for her wedding among many others!

    Angharad Milton
  • Me and the Wife love this Show. It’s just a Brilliant show with some fantastic humour and you can watch it time and time again you will not get bored of this show its Brilliant.

    Paul Spredbury
  • Am a huge friends fan
    I also followed you on Instagram and liked you page on facebook. All the cast in friends are fantastic. I have learnt alot by watching friends. Friends also cheered me up after a bad day.

  • My favourite thing about central perk, is the sofa. I think it symbolises the bond between all the characters, and is a familiar item that remains through all the seasons!
    I don’t think friends would be the same without their own seat to have laughs together!

    Emma P
  • My favourite thing about central park is their mugs! I’ve always liked how big they are and how they’re all different. I also like the fact it is in every episode so you never get a chance to miss it!

    Ayesha hill
  • The thing I love most about Central Perk is how homely and welcoming it seems. You will always find a few of the characters there, chatting and laughing.

  • My favourite thing about central perk is that you can always guarantee most of the friends main characters will be in there!! It’s an easy to recognise logo which makes it even more iconic 💓

  • My favourite thing about central perk is it always looks cosy and welcoming and love it when all the friends are hanging out there… Gunther makes me laugh with his crush on rachel.

    Harriet brant
  • My favourite thing about central perk is how cosy it feels and how it’s almost like a home away from home! there’s just something really comforting about the interior of the setting, and how it brings together our six friends! ❤️

    Katie Etchells
  • My favourite thing about Central Perk is how familiar it feels. Despite obviously never visiting, I feel like I know it as well as my local coffee shop. Friends holds so much nostalgia and happy memories, it will always be my favourite show!

  • Gunther I love that dude and his hair…. Friends is ace. I’m going to friends fest 2019 in 5 weeks and I can’t wait. I would love to win this to take with me… Fingers crossed

    Liz Deacon
  • Wheres a group of individuals come as friends to talk about life make memories with one another friendships that last a lifetime 😘

  • I love friends do much. All the characters are brilliant. My fave is joey. X

    Kareena gunn
  • Gunther Central Perk and his unrequited love for Rachel! 💔

    Danielle Watson
  • One word…..Gunther!

  • i love that there’s always a place for the friends gang to sit it, be their favourite sofa or the booth by the window. i also love the fact that they let phoebe perform her music every week even though it wasn’t always good.. i especially love how it felt like a home away from home to gang

    Maggie-May Mclay
  • Has yummy cakes and looks like a great place to just chill out

    donna skelton
  • I love the homey feel to it. It’s like that kind of place you can just relax, at anytime and still be in the midst of strangers. Its got a great community feel which I love seeing in the episodes where Phoebe plays guitar. The iconic teacups is definitely a big reason I would go, as well as the layout of the cakes and sweets. It has a very authentic coffee shop style and is just the place I would love to visit. These items would be amazing as they resemble such an fun and iconic location.

  • The best thing about Central Perk is clearly the coffee 😂
    But the whole setting is great: it just looks like a really nice place to hang out with friends, catch up, listen to Phoebe sing great songs like “Smelly Cat” and Gunther is really funny, too. :)

  • I watch friends every single day and I’ve finally got tickets to friends fest this year. I love central perk because they all get together there, gunther is so funny and central perk is quirky, love that it looks comfy and all the cups are different. Friends is my happy place when I’m feeling down.

    Louise McArthur
  • My favourite friends quote is they dont know that we know that they know we know.
    Every Saturday in my family is called friends evening when we have dinner in the living while laughing to friends xxxx

    Amy Smith x
  • I love the style of Central Perk, it looks like the perfect place to meet up with your friends!

    Abigail Jervis
  • Phoebe singing at Central Perk is always fun to watch! 👍

  • I love Friends and watch all the repeats-my favourite thing about Central Perk is the couch and how they always get a space on it-apart from the one with the bullys

    Fiona cullen
  • I absolutely love everything about friends I must of watched it a million times, I wish I had a central perk to visit and have a laugh in like the cast!

    Natalie b
  • Love the big mugs and the scenery of the central park x

    Sarah willis
  • My favourite part of Central Perk is that it is basically the heart and soul of the friends group, it all started there basically. And you gotta love Gunther there too!

  • I love central perk purely cause it’s friends I bloody love it I watch it every day and it’s my 7th time watching it on Netflix just can’t get enough of it

  • I always loved the atmosphere of Central Perk. The service seemed pretty quick too. And there was always a sofa free for the cast to sit on! ;)

    Amy B
  • i love how the couch is specifically for the gang 😂

  • love how cosy it looks and the atmosphere it shows, it’s like there’ll never be anywhere as good a central perk

    Robyn Humphries
  • A good place where friends can get together and catch up on stuff with a big cup of coffee while watching the entertainment when phoebe is playing the guitar.. and I used to watch friends with my nan as she loved all the episodes <3

    Claire emery
  • Gunther is the best part of Central Perk. He’s always there in the background & with a little look or occasional comment, he can steal the scene. Hilarious.

    Mia Fairfield
  • Love the layout & coziness of the place! Can’t forget the big mugs too!

    Samantha Fearn
  • They sell coffee in enormous mugs with there amazing cakes and it’s a warm friendly atmosphere the kind of place you could stay all day x

    Michelle Corbett
  • Friends is one of my all time favourite tv shows and Central Perk is one of the most iconic tv sets. I love that it hasn’t changed if at all since the very first episode, that it has so many epic moments set there. Smelly cats debut airing, omg that song will forever be a part of me haha. Princess Conseuala Banana Hammock and Crap Bag were formed there, although I still ship Phoebe and David haha. Also, my favourite ever cameo happened solely in Central Perk, the late, absolutely amazing Robin Williams and his hilarious part about his wife cheating on him with the guy he’s actually talking to, and the friends are listening in, it’s too funny!

    Natalie W
  • I was 16 years old when I first watched Friends and must have seen every episode a thousand times over 😊 I still watch it every day now 😊 Central Perk is like their own personal coffee shop, Phoebe’s entertainment spot 😊 Rachel’s and Joey’s once place of work ( although Joey didn’t quite grasp the concept of selling, he preferred to give Muffins to the pretty girls 😊 ) and Rachel could have got away with murder as Gunther was so in love with her. Favourite scene in Central Perk was Rachel and Ross’ first kiss , ’ he didn’t get a cat ’ They had a huge row about their feelings for each other and Ross leaves , then she looks up and hes just stood there by the door but she struggles to unlock the door after locking it in such a mood 😊 when she does though , queue the music and the kiss 🥰 you gotta Love it .

    Debbie Kempster
  • The general scenery of Central Park

  • I love central perk because its sells so many yummy cakes and drinks plus it has so many good parts of friends set there .

    Cerys hadfield
  • Who wouldn’t love Friends , been brought up with it all my life . My favourite scene has got to be the one where Ross gets the spray tan 😂
    Would be great to win these bits , I would share them with my family as where all fans 😁

    Carly Callaghan
  • It sells cakes and coffee!! That logo is so recognized you just know its friends! Going to friendsfest next month so this would be perfect!!!

    Natalie field

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