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The Big Wakanda Win! Our Black Panther Backpack Give-Away

Luca Muca
A sad, strange little man...

MCU Phase 3 & Black Panther


It’s been four years since Marvel’s Black Panther was released on the big screen.  

Based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, this Superhero flick was the 18th to be released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Phase 3, baby!).    


By this point we were well-versed in Marvel’s Superhero Cinematic style and had become accustomed to high standards, being spoilt with favourites such as Iron ManThe AvengersGuardians of the Galaxy, and Thor, to name a few.

Black Panther, however, brought something different to the table. It sent a cultural shockwave around the world, introducing us to Wakanda, its people and the amazing technology that they had developed with the help of their land’s natural resource, Vibranium (You’re Welcome, Cap!)


To Welcome the second instalment ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ and pay homage to the Original Black Panther (RIP: Chadwick Boseman, you’re a star), we’ll be giving away one of our own high-tech pieces of merch to one lucky winner over the next week – the official Black Panther Laptop Backpack.  


But First, Let’s just get a little bit more excited (if that’s possible) about the new Black Panther movie…


The Marvel Black Panther Laptop Backpack

Here at Retro Styler we are 'Wakanda Forever!' 

We love to get our hands on as much Marvel-licensed Black Panther merch as possible, which is why we're excited to bring you this official Black Panther Laptop Backpack.  

Styled to look like the Black Panther suit, necklace n' all, this backpack has ample space for all your gadgets. It features long adjustable shoulder straps, side pockets, side support clips, additional front zipped pocket, and large main compartment with a padded section for your laptop. Our Marvel Black Panther Laptop Backpack measures approx. 47cm (H) x 31cm (W) x 24cm (D) and is made from 100% Polyester. 

We know that you can’t wait to get your Vibranium claws on this juicy piece of tech so let’s fill you in on how to enter…

How to Enter The Black Panther Give-Away?

You don’t have to be a member of The Dora Milaje (as cool as it sounds – in fact, we’d have to hand one over for that alone!), to enter our Black Panther Competition. To be in for a chance to win, just follow these steps - 


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Tell us below in the comments – Who is your favourite character from the 2018 Black Panther movie and why, OR what's do you think is the coolest piece of tech that Black Panther or his team uses?

*To Enter you must be 16 Years or Older, we count one entry per person, and we cover the postage costs of any winner located both inside and outside the United Kingdom (though you may still have to pay import charges for countries located outside the UK). 


If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on your favourite social platform below, where you can keep up with all that Retro Styler has to offer, funny memes, trailers, and behind the scenes clips here at Retro HQ.

The competition will close on Thursday 17th November 2022 and I’ll be announcing the winner right here in the comments. We’ll also notify you on social, so keep your eyes peeled.    

Good luck Marvel fans and as always, stay retro!


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