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12 of The Best Films on Netflix Right NOW!

Netflix films you need to watch

So it's the weekend! Horaaay!

It's the weekend!

Maybe the weather isn't quite what you were expecting or perhaps you really cannot find the energy to do anything else but plonk yourself on the sofa and watch some films.

OK I know it's awesome that we have so much to choose from on Netflix but is there such a thing as too much choice? Me thinks so!

12 films on Netflix everyone will love!

If you're like me and are sick to the back teeth of endless scrolling through all the films, then I've got a list that will solve all of your problems.

Whether you're in to timeless classics or awesome action packed thrillers, everything is covered in this short and snappy list to get your Saturday (or Sunday) night on the couch sorted! 

So without further ado, here's my list of films that are ready and waiting on Netflix for you right now...

Spy Game

Spy Game screenplay


Extinction screenplay

The Hateful Eight

Hateful Eight screenplay


Deadpool screenplay

Guardians of the Galaxy

GotG screenplay


Fury screenplay

Kill Bill: Vol 1 and Vol 2

Kill Bill screenplay

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge screenplay


Jackie screenplay


Kodachrome screenplay

The Social Network

The Social Network screenplay

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction screenplay


I know a lot of people may have already heard of some of the classics; Pulp Fiction, Deadpool, The Hateful Eight - but hopefully there are some new ones to tempt.

Although this was a short and sweet one, I do hope I've helped to tame a few disagreements with this handy little list.

What are you favourite Netflix films right now?

As always, I want to hear what you have to say! What are you favourite films which are currently available on Netflix? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below...

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